Id like to see this feature in New Genesis or current PSO2 potentially.

That feeling when you roll up on a mission NPC and the widescreen kicks in well you read the details or watch an in-game cutscene.

Classic PSO.

Would be nice to be able to re-watch cut scenes some way. FF14 has this which you can access in your personal quarters.

@Zenny You can rewatch cutscenes from the Story Quest menu; there is a pull down at the top that lets you view all past ones (though to view any that are part of a Story Quest with gameplay, you do have to do the gameplay part again).

On the JPN server, there is an Event Chronicle in your Personal Quarters, but that only covers Episodes 1 to 3 (including scenes that were only in the original Matterboard version).

Just adds an amazing level of immersion, I really enjoy seeing the camera shifts.

alt text

Tera had something similar (without the black bars) as an option you could switch on or off for both talking to NPCs and gathering.

I found this a really weird thing to specifically ask for but remembering how PSO did it its sad this game doesn't have small touches of detail like that.


Sounds awesome, I've never had the chance to game Tera myself.


I've always been big on it in movies as opposed to full-screen, something about the widescreen just makes me want to pay attention a bit more, just a cool feature and works well if you're in a low-light setting / always looks nice as well of course.

I don't think we gain any side screen ratio when it is done full to wide in PSO, though still classy even if only done for effect.