Help: How Does One Run An Alliance?

So there's no guide that players made to help run an Alliance I'm planning on making one soon, but I don't know how any of this works. So for now I have rely on the site itself to teach me, but I would like to know more of the Advance Tips and Tricks to running an Alliance. Please explain to me and others on how to run an Alliance, although linking videos and online guides are also really appreciated as well.

Very carefully.

Heyo! I too am a new alliance leader! but, it's pretty simple! once you start it and have a couple members. To gain points to upgrade your alliance photon tree (buffs for everyone) you just need to team up and clear maps! There are also missions you can grab and do for more alliance points....sadly I didn't get a chance to try and in the CBT. Hit the same wall as you, no real info I came across while googling.

I have run one before and will help a new alliance grow as well. Whenever I need guidance on what to do, I look up guild guides for WoW or any raiding game. I feel the concepts can apply to PSO2 and we can tweak it. First and foremost, having a dedicated small core putting in the time to build the foundation seems important. The alliance would demand a lot out of you, so having solid help should be the first thing to consider. Another important factor is having a schedule, and a set of activities you plan to do as a team. Communicating this to new and all members seems wise. If y'all have questions, feel free to send me a chat message.

An alliance in PSO2 is run similar to one in FFXIV, because it uses a special currency system to upgrade facilities or purchase buffs.

I recently made a guide that is relevant to this topic: Alliance Guide

@Ranmaru Okay thanks it's nice to finally see a guide for the Alliance.