Good day, I was trying to link my pso2en to pso2jp last night and after I unlink my account, all my characters are all gone. I was just wondering if I can still retrieve them? Maybe someone that I could contact with? Or a process? I have lots of nem weapons too so I'm kinda hesitated to let it go. Thanks in advance!

If you had an MS Store Account before linking to Steam, just log back in on the MS Store version of the game to access your data again. Also, it is impossible to link JP to Global (including Steam), or vice versa.

@Ragnawind Thanks! I'll try to download the MS Store now and see if I can relink it again in steam.

I managed to retrieve my current data on the MS Store PSO2 but now it won't let me relink it to my steam. I think it created a new player data. Is there any way that the pop up link again would show (as you first link it)?

it is possible to make the link appear again by deleting the local data in your machine that is in the document directory, however if there's already a player data in the server you not gonna be able to link both versions