Matoi vs Phaleg: who would win?

I’m sure this has been done on JP servers, but here’s the two power ladies of the game in a duel.

I think Shiva would win.

Yeah the second half is kinda shiva v ifrit

Phaleg best waifu


She’s def a good and popular char, but she doesn’t come close to Matoi 😀

Nobody like Matoi


While she may not be to your liking, a great many like her


Well this is quickly getting away from the original post, so I’m just going to leave it at this. I adore Matoi, you clearly don’t, both are ok, not everyone has to like the same things.

Both controlled by AI bots, same rules as the player duel mission? Phaleg probably outdamages the other bot, every attack from her hits like a truck. If we also give Matoi same insane 20 bajillion HP Phaleg has, Phaleg wins by timeout in a cutscene. Psssh... nothing personnel... kid... teleports behind you

So you’re saying Matoi is just awesome then, cause she’s at a disadvantage 😝

Phaleg. Matoi couldn't even last three attacks from Aratron lol

Episode 4 is so retarded. Phaleg is what your character should be. And Matoi should of mopped the floor with the ones who tried to invade the arks ship. But filler narrative says we have to depower you and make some random nobody a god cause bad writing. So many many problems with epi4.


Yeah episode 4 wasn’t my favourite, but I liked Phaleg. I thought she was by far the best new char they introduced, but they do need to start doing Matoi more justice in these cutscenes. Theirs so much lore about how powerful she is, but the only time we’ve really seen it is the flashback scenes in episode 2, when she was literally a walking nuke.

Matoi, because plot armor.