Potency Shown as Decrease rather than Increase and Incorrect PP Cost Display

Potency of crafted disc visible as a blue decrease, rather than an increase.

The PP Cost is also displayed incorrectly, as it should increase by +1, not decrease by -9. Screenshot_418.jpg

Type Zero PAs and Techs have different base Potencies and PP Costs than their Standard versions, and the Type 1 and Type 2 modifiers are applied to those, not to the stats of the Standard versions.

Here is a chart showing the differences in base Potencies and PP Costs between the Standard and Type Zero versions at level 17:

alt text

So it's intended to weaken skills, not improve them? The system still doesn't make any sense.

Why implement such a system in the first place?

@MasterDarkwingz It is about the behavior changes. In the case of Strike Gust, those changes are:

  • Holding the PA button will cause you to continue kicking upwards, consuming 5 PP per second, with the following attributes:
    • No charge time.
    • Immunity to Flinch for the duration of the PA.
    • Slower upward speed than Standard version.
    • Continuous upward vertical movement for the duration of holding.
    • Forward movement and directional change is possible.
    • Vertical and horizontal range are larger than they appear.
    • Enemies are no longer launched upward.
    • Potency increases after six hits (indicated by the slashing effect getting bigger).
    • The Perfect Attack window is larger when using the Weapon Action.

As for the Potency changes between Standard and Type Zero, while in some cases it may look like Potency is dropping significantly (like with Strike Gust), it is often because of how Potency is displayed/calculated. (I'm going to skip posting the whole "this part of the PA uses this percentage of the potency" calculations for simplicity's sake.)

In the case of Strike Gust, the Standard version's Potency is for the entirety of the PA when fully charged. At lv17, you get 4 hits at ~280% Potency each and one hit at ~514% Potency for the main PA, and 4 hits at ~234% Potency each for the Weapon Action (~936% Potency for the full Weapon Action).

For the Zero version, the distribution is different since it is a hold PA instead of a charge PA. Without the Type 1 modifier, for the main PA, the first 5 hits have ~196% Potency each, and every hit after that has ~352% Potency; for the Weapon Action, if it is used before the 5th hit of the main PA, it has a ~626% Potency, but if used afterward, it has a ~1096% Potency. (With a max Type 1 modifier [+78% Potency], those Potencies become ~215%, ~387%, ~689%, and ~1205%)

As you can see, there is a Potency drop per hit, but it isn't as drastic as it appears just by the displayed numbers, and the actual DPS is different between them because one is a charge PA and one is a hold PA