Height and size limitations

I have just questions

Where is your hit box Where is your weapon or how is it sized Are you the same kill in pvp or pve as everyone else

Doesn’t a massive character cause the game engine to have a harder time like in Skyrim Xbox one version

Is it possible to kill a fly sized character

Does movement slow if your small like it’s supposed to

Do you move farther as a giant.

How many avatars can the systems render safely if under this new strain

Is an attack more literal if your bigger and swing your weapon harder.

The PSO2 engine is still lagging and problematic in lower settings does height make this different if smaller or bigger

Does size change make it hard for system to know how many avatars can be in a block

Does too many different algorithms complicate the issue given the size and hit box or detection zone

Wouldn’t a small character have to load so many larger ones that in essence it becomes snthrr bugged screen or lag that increases risk of epilepsy and seizure again (the screen already has this issue small scale)

Is the engine even capable of handling a new set of parameters or will it slow down the Game clients side even more to add more of them

Will servers need more maintenance of new dates for that maintenance if it works

Spam botters would take Advantage of these new systems, hit detection and detection zone size changes, is that a good idea to have 50 bots unseeable in a corner sending added spam that your game could crash also

I am merely pointing this out. Not to mention there is also how will vids or cutscenes have to change to make up for these different sizes

I think size does affect hitbox indeed.

In destiny 2 there was a time when people were immune to damage and got banned from the Game. It isn’t something I read up on. I don’t know if fantasy should interfere with basic game functions as far as it stands right now if the changes give unfairness to any player.

Also I had thought perhaps arks needed people with photonics potential and met the standard military regime as far as height weight and ability were perceived. Though I care little for accuracy it seems I just want the Game to be able to run so we can play it fairly.

the size does affect the hitbox but also affects the height of your weapon, so if you are using Morgana suit that makes you smaller it will be more difficult to the auto aim track you but also gonna make shots that before didn't hit walls when you jump hit then instead, also the height only affects pvp in pve won't change anything because enemies always hit the center of the body so you gonna be hit regardless of your height.

outside of that size affects nothing else.

Good to know. Again just questions. I was wondering though if your halfling sized does the tree sized people render on site or on system. Because a lot of low end rigs and mid level rugs will die usually under such strain.

@Jamesmor I've played PvP against people in Rappy mini's, and the hit box had zero difference from a large character, that I visibly saw. The lock on aims for center of mass, meaning you will always hit your target anyway.

@Anarchy-Marine after the auto lock has tracked then it will hit then regardless of the size, but if you notice when you are in those suits you can jump close to the wall and the auto lock won't track you but like I said the hit of your weapon will also be lower so you not gonna hit anyone doing that, in resume the suit won't help you at all because you also lose the height range your character has

It sounds like if you were 3 foot tall or less you’d have movement penalty then.

Yes height means reach even with ranged weapons.

I’m speaking of how the game engine will render this however as well.

Like I have had a Game where you can kid it to have small characters but the lag from rendering the other assets In Game form lag or crashes, though I was trying to break the engine to make better modding decisions.

The character in giant mode also lagged the game and broke the engine. Needed fresh installs.

IIRC there is a skill that is affected by height. I think it was a double saber skill that involved throwing your weapon like a boomerang.

Sounds like it already alters a few mechanical effects. Good to know