How to get Hitsugi back on the mothership?

@Jamesmor So I finally complete the duel after failing like 10 times, but the chapter is still locked. Assuming you're correct, I guess that means I also need to finish all the side story cutscenes?

I don't know exactly what he saw but I don't believe it to be correct. The most you can turn back the time on for the lobby state and what NPCs say is per Episode via "Switch Episode", not per Chapter.

I have cleared every single Episode and Sub thing at this moment and sometimes I rewind on new chars to do a certain EP3 fight again so Profound Darkness UQ has a visual change on Persona (as it is per char, not account.) Doing this does not put the lobby back into that chapter state but the episode's post clear state.

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Wait, if you redo earlier story scenes it does reset lobby state to that point in time?!

I specifically tested for that in the past... I'll try again now. If it does work, my previous post could be disregarded and this would be fantastic news.

If this isn't a feature, it would be great if SEGA added it in.

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@AmakawaHikaru Also, that's weird, because I was able to do that with episodes 1-3, and I was able to get Gettemhult to load back in.

This example is specific enough that it is credible, but I'm still trying to replicate it. I have completed every story quest in Episode 1, yet I have yet to find an event or story quest that changes the state of the lobby to an earlier part of Episode 1.

As mentioned in other parts of this topic, there are multiple options on the dropdown at the top of the list window:

  • Quests not cleared
  • All
  • Chapter 1: Using the Divergence Matrix
  • Chapter 2: Encountering the Draconians
  • (and so on)

I have viewed without skipping multiple events including the first or last events of chapters 1 and 2, and also the only quest in chapter 2. I've also tried doing this with the menu set to both All or the individual chapter they are in. None of these so far have rewound the lobby state.

I suppose it is possible that specific events update the lobby state and I simply haven't happened across those? I'll try a few more.

But if you can replicate this again, I would like a more detailed step by step of what you are doing to make it work.

@Miraglyth I'll try it today. I haven't been able to get on, because the built in fan to my external power supply on my console is shot, so anything above 86 degrees, and it shuts off. I live in California, and it's been so hot, and so many people have been trying to keep cool, so much electricity was in used we had rolling blackouts.

I'm pretty sure, last time, I was replaying the story side quests when it happened. It was one with the character in question, giving my character advice about getting stronger, because I was supposedly too weak to protect anything. If it still works, but it is a episode 4 specific block, that doesn't allow it. Perhaps it's because episodes 1-3 dealt directly with time travel.

I have not yet completed (or tried) Duel, so it may be possible that Episode 4 needs to be completed for Episodes 1-3 to have their lobby states changed. The last time I tried this sort of reversion was before completing Episode 3 so if it is that, it would explain why it didn't work before too.

@Miraglyth Oh that's right. I still have to beat her...... damn.

Edit: This may take a while.

@Miraglyth Yeah, so I'm going to be postponing my goal of beating this games equivalent to the flash, as to figure out if the trick we were discussing works, as California is having some fire issues, and they are getting closer to my house. I probably won't be on these forums much, if at all, until the danger has been reduced.

Understandable. When I get the time to spend working out that fight I'll remember to check to see if that unlocks mid-episode lobby reversion afterwards.

It's not that I'm disregarding it, and I'm still very open to the possibility that this either can't be done anymore or never could. But when someone gives a situation as specific as "I was able to get Gettemhult to load back in", it seems possible so why not pursue it?

So I finished literally all the scenes, and loading previous scene (no matter if it involves fighting or not) did not change the lobby state. The only possibilities that I can think of now are either you need to clear all quest with hardcore difficulty, or that there are specific scenes that change the lobby state.