[Ship 1] Newer Player looking for active alliance

I'm a newer player (played PSO way back in the day) looking for an active alliance to grow with. I'm a semi-hardcore/hardcore type MMO player, so grinding/questing doesn't bother me. Working adult so mostly on in the evenings and quite a bit on the weekends. Eastern USTZ. I have discord/teamspeak/mumble for voice chat. I'm on pretty much every day if time allows. Want to join a group who can help with the finer points of the game, and am willing to help out wherever I can. If you've got a good group and don't mind an ignorant asshat, I'm your guy.

Hey man we're looking for players like yourself? Still looking? Heres the discord link if you're interested https://discord.gg/QJQW9VF

Hi what ship are you on? If you are Ship 1 then Dere LLC is looking for active players. lmk if you are interested.