Error 630 Spam Yet Again...

Can someone please actually resolve this issue? I have been kicked off of the game 4 times in the last 10 minutes by this idiotic error that has never been resolved.

Well let me go ahead and complain on the forums about getting the errors again and then they magically stop.

error 630 is related to connection with the server if you want to complain then do it with your ISP, Sega and Microsoft aren't responsible for what is happening to you

I just find it hilarious that when I complain the error stops.

I had 2 days of it working fine, yesterday I left it on for 10 hours and only disconnected once and the day before around 4-5 hours and no issues. Today I have disconnected 7-8 times within 2 hours. I have tried everything, even calling my ISP and asking if there has been any issues and outages to which they've said nothing has happened within the week or so time this has been happening to me.

Before the new patch this rarely happened and I've been playing a little under 2 months so people saying this isn't an issue with Sega or Microsoft and is an issue with ISP is false, there has clearly been some kind of change making this happen as from early August until mid September I've been playing 5-8 hour days and I maybe disconnected 2-3 times within that timeframe... now the last 2 weeks (or when the update came, I came remember the specific date) I disconnect on a bad day which is most days around once every 15 minutes.

@KB Yet it still doesn't affect everyone. No matter how long I am in-game, anywhere from an hour in most cases to most of the day, I get ZERO disconnects. Others have experienced the same. Therefore, the issue has something to do with the infrastructure between you and SEGA's game servers. In other words, it is dependent on the internet backbone connecting you and SEGA's servers, which is controlled by your ISP, SEGA's server's ISP, and any interconnecting ISPS between the two locations. It could just be that one or more ISPs accessed to transmit the data doesn't cooperate well together causing the error. It is impossible for any one company to pinpoint where the problem occurs and would require all ISPs to replace all of their lines and equipment.