Not allot of people playing challenge mode ?

Is this because this is old content ? I really would like one of the weapons skins from there but having a hard time finding people to grind it with.

That one lost my interest at no npc partners 😞

I love challenge mode but no one plays it.

Excuse me while I shine my Gold CM shared trophy.

For me personally, I don't play it simply because I don't know what it is. 😄

If they added more camos or weapons then we will see something.

Play it with Alliance or and Friends u dont even need 12 ppl for it 6 are enaugh

the jp servers have much better weapon rewards than us.

Just do 4 man.

You get 100sg for each one totalling 400sg if you rank 1.

@Ki-Rin Actually not, everything on challenge shop is outdated, those Idea Weapons are from OT grind system era and are worse than Revolsio. CM is dead from a olong time ago even on JP.

The only way they can save it is giving it good items on the cm shop