ArtistDaura's PSO2 Art + NPCS

Hi! I've been drawing a bunch of PSO2 fanart lately, so I figured I'd open a thread to place it into, kind of like a gallery. 😄

Euclyta Eucylta.png

Casra Casra_ScreenshotRedraw_WM.png

Quna QUNA_WM.png EezFiE7U0AMNsGR.png

Persona resizedPersona.png

Regius regiusresize.png

Melrandia Melfonseana.png

Xiao Xiao.png

[Misc Character Art] Halsien (my Summoner) ChibiSummonerHalsien_WM.png

PSO2 Character Commission resized.png

I'm also available for commissions, too. If you'd be interested, please check out my commissions website: or DM me on Discord @ ArtistDaura#2934

Thank you so much for viewing my artworks! ❤

Your art is absolutely amazing! I love every piece you made 😊

@Clain Aww, wow! Thank you so much, you're so sweet! ❤ It means a lot!!

Nice work dude 👍

@Vashzaron Thanks heaps! \o/

[Updated with new art~] (09-09/2020] Aika AikaPSO2.png


[Updated with new art~] (13/09/2020] Idol Quna!IdolQuna.png

I will be watching this thread with great interest.

I like your art a lot! Casra is my favorite character and you drew him so beautifully.

Very good art i love it keep it up!

This message is the first from 2021. This is very good art!