Release predictions

A fun little thing to do. When do you predict +PSO2 and NGS to be released?

I'm thinking mid April to early May for +PSO2 and August to mid September for NGS.

What do you all think?

What would +PSO2 be if you don't mind me asking? The only 'major' expansion announced was NGS.

@MagmaBlaze My guess is late winter or early spring for both.

@Leonkh99 Most likely the graphical upgrade for PSO2 that is coming alongside NGS.

@Leonkh99 Sorry, that's my way of saying graphical update PSO2.

Right! Well in that case its most likely that the graphical update will release at the same time as New Genesis.

New Genesis will be running within the PSO2 client as an update. As a result, things like the new graphical requirements and such would naturally be part of the update which contains the new files for New Genesis.

Without further info, I'd wager on Q1 2021.

But I think I read somewhere that they're promising more info on NGS for Tokyo Game Show which will be in two weeks, so I guess we'll see.

@kztm Yup. And I hope to have a lot of questions answered.