PD Slayer of Light as GU

How you do it? I just can't. I got past Gemini a few times but it's eating up most times constantly spinning.

This is a strat i use with my current gear, Nemesis TMG with Kaiser set + Union leg unit, no affixes of worth.

Start by locking on to a leg, use Equillibrium on the 1st attack. Chase with Grim Barrage, cancel into Infinite Fire t.0 > sat aim until broken, repeat until downed CT activate, chain up to 50-60, Grim Barrage 1st half into Infinite Fire t.0, repeat until 2 legs remain. Break 2 last legs same as the 1st 4, do a few Infinite Fire t.0 loops (NO CT) Before double gets up start building chain, keep chaining for 1st 2 cars then detonate chain. Usually Double dies at this point for me.

On PD itself, avoid taking as much damage as i can and break parts without CT, use Equillibrium when the bits come out, CT the weakspot as it comes available at count 30-50, detonate with grim barrage 1st half into infinite fire t.0. Repeat until the torso comes out Use ChronoLapse to destroy bits and avoid damage during PD attacks, grim barrage/sat aim and normal attack until all gone (save some PP for chest) When PD recoils, grim barrage towards, let both parts of it go, Inifinite fire t.0 into sat aim (for me this usually breaks the chest eye) CT the face to 60-70 and detonate with whatever you can do most damage with (should skip straight to persona phase) Persona, save or spend your CT and just survive and do damage when you can with Chronolapse/equillibrium. Last eye, if you have CT available chain the eye and detonate with chronolapse as it fires the death laser, i frames keep you alive. Finish as necessary.

This is pretty much how all my solo PD runs go, probably not the best/fastest strat but gives me consistent runs.