Edit to rule 4e, Clarification on Uniqueness

-The Problem-

e. Posting duplicate threads about existing topics, or the same thread across multiple forums.

It has recently been brought to my attention that this rule is exceptionally vague for the suggestions subforums, and I think needs additional clarification specific to that subforum.

-My Suggestion-

I think "solution" based uniqueness is best. My personal clarification would be this:

e. Posting duplicate threads about existing topics, or the same thread across multiple forums.

  • e.1 The suggestions sub forums generally have a problem and solution. The uniqueness of the solution determines whether a new thread is spam.


The other option would be determining uniqueness based on the "problem", but I believe this is detrimental to civilized discussion. Mainly because it greatly encourages mega threads for new solutions, which simply hide problems and solutions away from discussion. Mega threads effectively have no topic, and therefore nothing can really be considered on or off topic, so the community can't be asked to stay on topic.

Example of Problem/Solution Pairs

  • SG Scratch is Expensive/Decrease Price of SG Scratch
  • SG Scratch is Expensive/Extend Period of SG Scratch

These two pairs were chosen due to how obvious they make this problem. If we require all threads related to the problem to be in the same thread, then it is very easy for both solutions to be discussed, and therefore suggestions in how to fix the same problem as effectively fighting for proper attention. Whichever solution was suggested in the topic is therefore considered most "on-topic." The solution that the community likes best (decreasing sg price) becomes the only relevant solution, while the actual viable solution of extending the period of the sg scratch is lost.

A single mega thread removes the idea of a topic, and therefore does not allow for self moderation. As found in my previous thread forum.pso2.com/post/80458

-Recent Problems & Moderation Difficulty-

While this allows for sudden upticks of thread creation, since a clear topic is defined unlike in mega threads, these topics can actually disappear over time as interest disappears. The idea is that in average we will mostly have a mega thread, but when a new idea comes along this may spur the creation of a few extra threads.

-Why the recent uptick in threads related to "height"-

This isn't the topic if this thread, but I think it should be addressed, for to potential moderation concerns. This specific topic had been around for a long time, and hasn't been going anywhere. Some of us in the community think that it will never go anywhere if we suggest that we want "height restored" , as in the current megathreads. A new idea was introduced that we should compromise with sega, so the topic of "height restored" no longer applies to us. Instead we want something simpler, to make actual "actionable" suggestions for sega such as "toggle option for displaying short characters", "message on WHY height restriction exists", and "required bodysuit for <150 height characters." These are all completely new solutions to the same problem of short characters bring removed, and are not asking for all "censorship" to be removed from the game.

-A Silly Real World Example-

For a more real world example, determining uniqueness by problem, would be like saying power generation is solved by coal power plants, so there is no reason to discuss solar or wind power.

Yeah, a clarification and exemption in regards to different solutions to the same problem may be useful, a lot of information can be buried by other posts as a thread goes on.