I understand that the GMs on these forums cannot be everywhere, and there is a lot of trash to sift through in order to do so but I feel like the rules need to be enforced more than they appear to be. The most common offenses I see on these forums are in regards to Section 2. Spamming & Trolling, especially Subsection b.

I see well thought out posts where the author of the original post is very clear about their opinion, and gives a concise explanation as to why they feel the way they do, that are filled with replies that attempt to misconstrue the meaning of the post and derail the entire thread. This often leads to the rules stated in Subsection e. being broken, because the thread has been completely sidetracked into nonconstructive arguments, so people feel the need to post another thread with the same or similar topic.

The way this derailing of the topic is often done is by people who make an accusation about why the original poster feels the way they do that has semblance to what has actually been stated. I've seen numerous responses to such posts that accuse the original poster of unethical, or unlawful thoughts or actions, when no such implication was made.

Even when those are not the cause of these threads being derailed, the entire point of the forum post has been twisted by some response that completely changes the discussion of the thread into toxic, and nonconstructive arguments with no relation to the original post.

I feel like there are many people that break these forum community guidelines that either do not receive their punishment swiftly enough, or sometimes at all. I only wish that more action would be taken against such rulebreakers, so that we may have a forum where we can actually have proper discussions instead of screaming matches with no bearing on the reality of the forum topic.

I hope punishments to people that break the community guidlines can be done in a more timely fashion, and we can somehow reach some level of competency one day in forum responses, so that there is more of a chance for our ideas to actually be considered.

With the way things are now, it's no wonder why many of our discussions are ignored, because in the end they can barely even be considered a discussion.

Thank you for reading my suggestion,