[Ship 4] Tiramisu Recruiting players

Hey you all this is Christina Jones Officer of Tiramisu Alliance and we are looking for new and old members to join. The alliances is a no drama alliance and we have people around the world. The Tiramisu alliance home block is at 19. The alliance also have a discord to talk, answer questions, and to have fun. So join Tiramisu Alliance today the place of juice boxes and cookies.

I just seeing your alliance on ship 4, and interested to join it. I will send my application to join the alliance.

Sorry, english isn't my first language.

Hey there I am interested! How do I join?

My name on Ship 3 is LizardWipe idk if that helps since I am pretty new to the game

I sent an application to your alliance. My in game name is Spiking.

@toxaplex we are on ship 4 so you need to start a new character or change one of the character ship 3 to ship 4 but it cost AC.

i'd be willing to join, my in-game user is Stellar Jax

Hi, i am new to the game and i was wondering if i could join this alliance. My in-game name is xenovoid (currently level 47 ranger)