My characters are all gone and account seems to have been reset without my consent or knowledge

I decided to start playing the game again last night. I quit early Summer because of the issues I was having getting the game to consistently work on Windows 10. Now that it released for Steam, I wanted to get on and play. First I had to link my account. I tried to start the game on my xbox to get the link code, but it said I needed game pass to log on to even get the code. So I contacted xbox support to ask them for an hour of free game pass time just so I could get the code. They refused. So I went ahead and downloaded the game once again on Windows 10. I started it up and went to the ship I've always been on and all my characters are gone. The game looks like it has been totally reset. I spent a lot of money on the game in may and have some rare cosmetics, a couple level 75 classes, and a +35 nemesis weapon.

I haven't tried to link my account ot steam after seeing everything on my account is gone.

Anyone have an idea of what is going on? What should I do?

The only thing I can think is, are you sure you logged in using the correct MS account on the MS Store version?

@AndrlCh i only have one microsoft account

@Luna-Danu And if you check the log-in history, does it show anything at all, or is it also blank (aside from your recent log-ins)?

@AndrlCh Nevermind, i'm retarded. My characters are there. I'm just retarded.

Logged on the wrong ship?