How do I UNBIND the logout shortcut? UNBIND.

In the middle of a fight, I wanted to take a screenshot, my finger smashed both the PrtSc and F12, I was running Ranger and mashing the left mouse button rhythmically.




How do I UNBIND this evil shortcut?

Whoever needs a shortcut to logging out anyways?

I demand an Exchange Ticket for the next AC Scratch for my psychological pain! 😢

you can just use print screen it will also take a shot and is not related to Steam interface because is not possible to remove the f12 command using the game

@Jamesmor I did use PrtSc. I just smashed F12 by mistake because it was in the middle of a fight and I was having a good time... orz

The F12 shortcut is configured both in Standard View and OTS View, for some reason, so I think I can bind it to something else. But F12 is already probably the safest key, and PSO2 doesn't allow combination keys.

That's why I'd really like to unbind it completely.

In the keybinding menu, you unbind simply by pressing the key that is already assigned.

@AndrlCh Thank you! You are my savior! Now I will never logout by mistake again. 😄