The Ophistia/Austere Series

With the names of the Austere weapons being Ophistia on Global, I feel that the units should share a similar naming scheme instead of being direct katakana translations.

Back could be Ophstelios instead of Ofzeterious

Arm could be Ophsende instead of Ofzende

And Legs could be Ophsetology instead of Ofzetorogie

These just look more fluid compared to the direct katakana translations and I hope other people aggree.

I don't know their JP names but I agree that if they were named to be obviously one series of items, then the Global version should do the same.

A lot of lore content has been cut away from this game in Global in the form of standardized item descriptions, it's about time the localization team show some integrity by presenting proper localizations.

I’d rather have my Ophistia 15 stars now please. 🥺 But I guess a proper naming of the units will do.

With the JP names, weapons have a prefix of "オフィスティア (ofisutia)", units have a prefix of "オフゼ (ofuze)". So English names having prefixes of Ophistia- and Ofze- don't look very strange to me.

Still using both "ph" and "f" might be considered as being inconsistent. Changing either to Ofistia- or Ophze-?

Will you lose your set effects if you upgrade your units and do not have enough mats for others set part?

Hope I am clear?

@RainGnyu Check the Set Effect in the item menu. I don't know about upgrades but the Ofze units had two tiers and could be mixed. The item menu shows all units or weapons that make a set.

@RainGnyu They lose the set bonus once turned into thirteen-star units but that is a non-issue because the set bonus becomes baked into their innate stats so you can mix-and-match units however you would like with Ofze units in particular having high health.