I'd like to suggest that the global version of PSO2 gets versions of these weapons, sources below, with their respective Potentials: Golden Rule, Pure Hard Work, Skilled Trainer, Fortunate Omen, and the Units with Meseta Fever. The first 2 weapons were released for free as part of the 2nd Anniversary Campaign, which would've been Episode 2, so we should've gotten them already. The next 2 weapons are just regular drops since Episode 1 in JP, Zig even has COs for them to allow utilizing the effect of their Potentials without the weapons needing to be equip, only in your inventory. Then the Meseta Fever Units were rewards for completing the Episode 1 Matterboard/Divergence Matrix, which was later removed, but the Units still exist in JP. Just to complete the set, I'd also like to suggest creating a T-Def Meseta Fever Unit. Furthermore, the Completing the Matterboard allowed earning 8 more Creator's Emblems than we have now, we're also missing the one for Episode 3, and there was an additional one for clearing Story Quest 10-2 in PSO2es, one of the PSO2 mobile games we don't have. If we don't end up getting that or the other mobile games, the Creator's Emblem, the much easier to get Soul/Gift/Sentence and other receptors, the free 100 slot es Storage, unrelated but also free 200 slot OTP storage, and the Idola exchange shop with it's 100 SG weekly, should be substituted into the global version in another way requiring a similar level of time, hopefully not much. With those receptors, the Klothov M238 can be affixed with the Meseta Fever III (15%) Augment for a total 30% Meseta boost. Then the Edel Io can be affixed with Increased Exp III (10%) and Alternate History (10%) for a total 30% Exp boost. I'd also like to suggest adding Zig COs similar to the ones for Skilled Trainer and Fortunate Omen, but these would apply to Golden Rule, Pure Hard Work, Meseta Fever III, Increased Exp III, Alternate History, Lucky Charm III, Temptation, and any other boost related weapon/unit abilities/potentials. Therefore, it would be possible to get the full amount of boosts from all these Weapons and Units without having to equip them and sacrifice DPS, by just having them in your inventory. Also the Klothov M238 and Edel Io are NPC weapons, which I assume there are more NPC weapons, so I would like versions of those as well.


Golden Rule (Up To 15% More Meseta, 30% If Affixed):

Pure Hard Work (Up To 10% More Exp, 30% If Affixed):


Skilled Trainer Weapons (Augment Drop Rate Boost):

Fortunate Omen Weapons (Untekked Drop Rate Boost):

Creator's Emblems