What do you do when support doesn't answer your tickets for over a month?

Hey, so I entered a ticket last month and have been following up on e-mailing support to try and get an answer, so far no answer no reply no nothing. Is this normal for support for this game to take this long to respond to a paying customer? So my real question is, how do I speak to a GM of the game or anything to get an actual answer out of support?

If you submit one ticket, to NOT keep submitting tickets or anything since that will push you all the way to the BACK of the queue. It will not get you an answer any sooner since they have to check them from oldest to newest, but if the same e-mail sends multiple e-mails to them, their position is pushed to the front, which means they will be looked at last.

So basically what you're saying is this is normal for support to take this long to get back to customers on this. That is some horrible customer service. (Yes I'm a customer I've dropped over 500$ on this game and am a premium member.)

Sounds like I shouldn't have left WoW. Well thanks for letting me know how suppprt is on this game and what to expect.

They sent me a "this issue is complicated" response when I bought items and received nothing, and it's been another week with no response or update.