Error 39

Hi all, me and a friend been having this issue for 2 days now. I tryed to re-download the game and patched it many times , and nothing. Wondering if anyone is having this inconvenience, I just want to be able to play again as soon as posible, Amy idea?

alt text

Is that Steam or MS Store? It also seems like you are using a 32-bit OS, since the error mentioned Win32 in it. The game requires a 64-bit OS. It also sounds like the servers are just too crowded, since I think that was the normally reason for the No140 error.

Thats actually a picture of my friend's error, I have Windows 10 updated. The issue came from steam I tryed using twecker to install the patch but didn't work :(.

And also I've been trying to download since the patch day until today, few hours ago, so if the error happen because of crowder server it shouldn't be happening yet. 😞