Techer's 3 minute shifta/deband for main only?

So as I randomly leveled classes to cap, I decided to level summoner, force and techer on a single character, while using other characters for other classes. Meaning, since it's just alt leveling, I followed no guides and read no info. Techer has the ability to create 3 minute long shifta and deband via the Extend Assist skill, and I supposed, since the skill description doesn't mention anything about being main class only, that if I picked techer as sub class (not for a serious build. just to alt farm) that I would be able to use that on another main class.

But lo and behold, I picked summoner main and tech sub, thinking I'd get my pets those juicy 3 minute shiftas, but nope. They last one minute. The skill description does not make note of the skill being main class only. Guess for now I'll be sticking to force sub (quick fire charge) for farming while I decide to go for something more meta for sum (FI perhaps), as that will be the main class I'll make this farming alt for.

Anyway, just a heads up for others to not trust what the game tells you. If you want to make a serious decision, you must go out there and check guides from real players.

Extend Assist increases your Shifta/Deband time limit, but it doesn't increase the time that each individual pulse gives you (that is what the Main-class-only Skill Longarm Assist does); basically, this means that as a non-Te main, you need to cast Shifta/Deband three times to get the full three minute duration.

@AndrlCh Thanks for letting me know. That is still quite a bother since one would like to cast it as few times as possible. And I have no way nor knowledge to find a way to short charge deband. I already switched to FI as my sub. Through a few exp items and switching it to main to get the daily exp, I got it from lv 1 to 50. The rest will go through keys because I want it at at least 75 as soon as possible. I did pick adrenaline and what the guides say are the good buffs to make it a good SU subclass. I'll revisit techer at a later time since I DID like it's gameplay.