How to Increase PP and Health points as a Braver

Since I'm a Katana Braver main, I must know how to increase the amount of PP and health points.

I'm currently level 60 with my Braver and using a level 50+ hunter as a sub. Despite having a good set of Units (They are not the highest rank though) and Decent enough Katana set with all of the augments, my health points is still only like 905, and my PP is only 122, which drains very quickly after like 2 or 3 'Sakura endo' slashes (I dont remember how It's crafted equvalent is called in the NA servers).

I'm aware of the option to affix augment my units and weapon, but I want to save the affixing effort when I manage to get both end-game equipment, as honestly trying to affix Non end-game equipment is a waste of Meseta, resources and time when you can practicaly eventualy get the much stronger end-game equipment.

I couldnt find an appropriate option in the Skill-tree and Ring either, noone of those things do increase PP and HP.

I'm asking this, because I've seen players literaly have like oever 2000 Health points and like around 250+ PP points, and I want to know how to reach such stats myself.

Aside from the extra 60HP and 10PP you can get from lv75 Title Bonuses, HP and PP increases are pretty much just from Units and Augments.

Hi Charus, it's always nice to see a new fellow Braver! I just wanted to add a few things as food-for-thought:

  • You could try switching to Summoner for more HP from the Skill Tree, but once you max out Automate (and eventually Iron Will) I think you'll really like the survivability of your Hunter sub 🙂

  • Skimming through rings, in tougher content (e.g., Luther on SH) it may be worth trying out the HP Restorate Ring (R) for healing. There are less great options for PP, but you could try Perfect Recovery PP Surge (R) if you're getting knocked back enough or Elemental PP Restore Field (R) if your katana matches the boss's elemental weakness.

  • I think it's never a bad idea to eat some Jerky before a quest because it's super cheap to make and gives you +50 HP and +5 PP (Stirfry is for those special occassions). You can also combine it with Meat Rations or Miracle Rations for some extra damage.

  • It sounds like you have good units but, just in case, I think around that level I was rocking the Rising Weapon Badge 1 Brissa units and their set effect adds a good amount of HP (think it was 120). They're also dirt cheap in the player shop if you're low on badges. The Gemini Set + Whiteal Back (from 250 titles) is also a good option for health while the Saiki set would buff up PP (also dropped in price substantially). Oh, and if you already have the circaray units (RWB2 shop), just keep in mind that they can each be upgraded by 25 HP once you conquer the solo PD urgent quest.

  • Very minor, but if you're using the Crafted "Sakura Endo" you could try searching for a better roll on the player shop that uses less PP (small gain though). In addition, practicing the timing of 2 perfect Sakura Endos (or 1 + lunar flourishing) followed by a perfect normal attack is a good habit to get into as it results in 2 normal slashes which gives back more PP.

  • Lastly, remember that you can always go with a Defense Up alliance tree buff and/or use a Deband, Guts, or Photon drink for more survivability, HP, or PP respectively! I think there're also some Timed Abilities you can add to units to reduce damage taken (may have to put in an order for it at the player shop though).

Oh, and I wouldn't get discouraged about not reaching 2000+ HP and 250+ PP, even once you reach 80/80, because that sounds like a pretty big outlier for a katana braver right now (on the global servers). Aiming for something between 1100 - 1250 HP and 155 - 175 PP sounds more realistic if you don't want to affix much yet (e.g., I think I'm at 1298 and 183 with decent 5-slot affixes geared towards melee damage and PP).