Armor fashion!

Any chance we'll see more outfits / layering wear that actually looks like some kind of armor? Dresses, fanservice, and "cute" clothing doesn't really convey "Hardcore Falspawn ass kicker".

Sonia Replica

Juno Charis

Dragnier Flower [Ou]

That's about it.

Armor does exist in the JP game from a scratch, and we will most likely be getting it at one point. I imagine we will get it sometime during Ep. 5.

Cuentica-Style-508x353.jpg Cuentro-Style-508x353.jpg Cuenwill-Plate-508x353.jpg

I don't suppose Episode 5, with it's high fantasy setting, also has a decent archer outfit?

Because I would have to have an archer outfit for my Braver. That sure would be swell.

That's pretty much exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. I want more of that!

probably other armor sets will appear in Episode 5 because Stratos the Hero Trainer uses an armor and Episode 5 has a medieval part in it

So excited for that. But so not excited to pay for it lmao

@ApollosAmour well if you don't play with female characters you don't need to worry

@Jamesmor It depends sometimes, but typically true yeah. I'm anticipating it'll spike like the Zodiac set.

I wish I could wear the outfit that Azanami is wearing.

@Valinda Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they might've released that one already in a Mission Pass or something.

I can imagine we will be seeing more medieval looking armor when the episode with the dragon is added. I mean, that's the episode with the castle, the dragons and all that? I don't follow these thing from the JP side so I'm allowing myself to feel whatever is thrown this way is brand new. But that video with the guy who sword slaps a dragon on his scaly face spoiled me a bit...

@Valinda @ApollosAmour Azanami wears Pirate Attire, it's from the season 3 mission pass. That pass also included her hair, and a pirate hat she doesn't wear.

Lol ok, I missed out.

@NIC And just when I finished my future Hero's look. Lol

@Valinda Don't worry, we've all missed out on something. Hopefully they'll bring some of it back into rotation.