Stucked after Deus Esca Trigger mission, no drop.

Hi, i'm writing on this section cause my character goes stucked after cleaning Deus Esca trigger mission with other 8 Players. I've got no drop, cause i had to abbandon the quest, my character become invisible and unable to use any type of skill, photon art, object, emote, nothing. Only stucked invisible in front of a telepipe a 3 meters of distance, unable to do nothing, on the last area of Deus Esca fight.

Screen of mission complete: Screen of the bug:

So, the game doesn't gave me nothing, cause i had to quit the quest, i've sent 2 proof of what appened, can some admin/GM help me to get back my drop from boss log?

ID Name: Kutami - Player ID: 10536675 - Character: Kuta - Class: Bouncer lvl. 77 - Sub: Fighter

Unfortunately Sega has some nonsense policy about restoring items even if you have proof. I doubt they will do anything. 😞