Missing item

I recently bought an item off the Personal shop. I went to use the ticket to get the item and the system told me that I used the ticket as shown in the image: unknown.png But when I checked my inventory it wasn't appearing at all. I never deleted it off my inventory nor have I deleted anything prior to or after to using the ticket. The SG tickets I used (as shown in the image above) went through as well as the Meseta charge but not the item. I checked everywhere but it's nowhere to be found. I could really use some assistance. Thank you

Look in your base wear

alt text

When you use these tickets, they become bound to the character. It's no longer an item to be found in your inventory or such.

@Vashzaron Okay I see it now. Thought it was outfit you can just equip like the other Persona uniforms. Thanks for the help!