What happened to all of the accessories?

First post, greetings and salutations. Csylos here. So, I'm trying to complete my whole military look for my toon on Ship 2 and I log in the day before yesterday and there's about 40 Dressia Hats...and yesterday when I log in, there are none. Anybody know what the deal is? Don't see anything in the changelogs. Also, don't see anything about the Slave gear disappearing.

Did you search for "Dressia Hat" directly, or using the partial search option? If you did the partial search, it is likely that the item name had been cleared from your local item name cache. You just need to skip the partial search and search directly (hit Search by Price after typing Dressia Hat).

Also, the "Slave" series has been renamed to "Raven".

Yes, I've tried to do that, as well. Even doing a search for "Dressia", clicking the top search button to do the search for all things matching "Dressia", but nothing matching that name is populated. There used to be outer wear, base wear, and the hat.

Nevermind...I don't know why it didn't do it that way, but literally typing "Dressia Hat" into that search field and clicking "Product Search" found them all. That's so weird. Used to not be like that.

@Csylos It's how the item cache works. It's stored locally and gets cleared, so certain items won't show up when you search for them normally. I'll link a guide that helps a me out a lot: https://bumped.org/pso2na/fashion-database/pso2-na-unisex-outfits/

That's an up-to-date guide that tells you the names of all the FUN and AC Scratch fashions/accessories/hairstyles we've gotten so far. Whenever you want to find something specific, type the name in and hit product search. Hope it helps 🙂