Allow players to equip more than 1 weapon camo.


There are certain weapon camos that are only available for one weapon type. As there are classes that use more than one weapon it would be nice if 2 camos could be equipped at the same time.

For example having a rifle and cannon camo equipped.


They did like so to sell the weapon tranformation tickets

@Frost-Soar That kinda sucks but it would be nice to be able to equip both. I have so many camos just sitting in my storage rotting because I can't use them together.

If you are willing to give up your shortcut commands, and play with KBM, there is actually a way to do this. It's a bandaid fix/workaround, but it'll suffice for what you want to accomplish:

/mpal# will swap your weapon palette to the number specified. Example: /mpal1 will swap to your weapon equipped in the first slot.

/cmf *CAMONAME will swap your equipped camo with the press of a button.

/sr RINGNAME will swap your currently equipped skill rings.

Note that all of the above can be used in the same shortcut command, and also that you need to remove all spaces in the item's name for the command to work. As an example, in chat shortcut 1, which is bound to the 1 key on my game...

/mpal1 /cmf *IdealRafale /sr DoubleSaberWhirlwind(L)

This is a 3-in-1 command that allows me to simultaneously swap weapons, camos, and currently equipped skill ring all in the press of a single button. I hope this helps!

@Tarina Thank you!

@Zenny Not a problem! You can even set this up for multiple classes- you actually have 5 separate "pages" of shortcut commands, so you can assign each page to a class combo, and then simply use /ms# to change to the specified class loadout and /swp# to swap to a different page of chat shortcuts.

It's a pain to set up, I'll admit, but once it's done.... you won't want to go back, haha.

While chat commands allow a workaround, SEGA should still add in the ability to use different weapon camos per weapon. Then, add a feature that allows making any weapon or unit into a camo, unit camos aren't even a thing. Also, add a chat command that allows equipping armor units.