Mag Evo devices. One time use or Perma?

So as we get closer to open beta! Doing some serious planning. I greatly enjoy cosmetics and dressing up my character. Mag also! I see there are devices to change the graphic of the mag (from my understanding) I tried searching around the forums and could not get a clear answer, apology if someone did address this and I missed it in my search.

If you use a mag evo device on a mag, can you change it back and forth from evo devices it's learned?

On the .jp servers you can use an item called a Mag Form Change Pass to change a mag to anything you've previously unlocked. You have to recycle three items from the AC scratchers to buy them though.

yeah can always change it with the pass. 🙂

A few more tips on this. Your mag needs to be level 100 or higher to use evo devices. Also, the evolution forms of mag are registered on each character. So if you want to change the appearance of mag for multiple characters, you need that number of mag evolution device items. On the other hand, if you have multiple mags on one character, those mags share the forms registered through evo devices.

Ahh thanks! I am a weirdo and plan on doing all jobs on one character lol so works for me!