Camera Suggestion: Zoom out/FoV increase

After playing JP from release to Ep 4, and NA since May, and there are a few adjustments to the camera and visuals that I feel would be nice to have in game. A lot of these come from my experience with Ultimate Quests, but some additions would be nice regardless.

  1. Increase the FoV of the camera or allow it to zoom out a few more steps than the current default. I find the current maximum zoomed out view to still be a bit too close to the character, and find myself getting smacked by a lot of things that are usually off screen/out of my FoV. Feels the worst if you're trying to focus on a boss (e.g. Anga, Drago Deadleon) that takes up your entire screen and there are those things that just come at you from off screen from the sides or behind your character (dog Anga tornadoes, anyone?). I get that a good chunk of this can be avoided if I 'git gud' with guarding and/or constantly moving...but that doesn't address the screen crunch issue I have.

  2. Fix the camera tracking when a character moves vertically upward. Something minor, but sometimes when I use something like Gran Wave, Raging Waltz, or Symphonic Drive and my character moves upward, the camera doesn't follow and my character moves off screen.

Yes please. The camera at least needs to be allowed to zoom out a bit more. Melee classes have it really bad with bosses, a lot of bosses from ep4 onwards are huge and cover up the entirety of your screen in melee range... which makes it virtually impossible to recognize visual tells, or even see other mobs. It's a real problem, and I hope it can be fixed at some point.

I agree.

i agree too.

very much agree. I would be a hunter again but sadly all those effects and stuff just blinds me, but if we increase the zoom in and out camera. would that just make us be able to see out of bounds

but i doubt we willl be getting a camera update cause JP didnt get one either. Lets just hope that NG can zoom in and out just like other mmorpg games

I agree, but only if it doesn't affect OTS mode.

Also agree on everything on this one, mostly the vertical thing that makes your character disappear. Also, fix the issue after exiting personal quarters, that the camera gets slightly zoomed in, so you have to get into your mind that every time you enter and leave your room, you have to press the zoom out button to get the current max distance. This also happens when boarding the AIS.

is there any way to let SEGA know about it? A petition to add that to the game? I think most would agree with that!