Hunter/Techter Build?

I am currently a Hunter/Fighter with both classes at Level 80. I have noticed that almost every quest where I use a drink I end up using Shifta Drink ZX. And there are some Urgent Quests where I end up using a fair bit of my -mate healing items. I have the P-Drive Back Unit, Dranphis Arm Unit, and Darilphis Leg Unit. So I was wondering: would a Hunter/Techter be worth playing just for using Shifta, Deband, and Resta? Or should I just stick with Hunter/Fighter and use the drinks and healing items?

If you want to use Support Techs as a Hunter, your best option is a Summoner sub. Unlike Techter, Summoner when used as a sub actually gives you proper boosts that increase your general damage, on top of giving you access to really good Stat Up Skills and auto HP recovery.

You do lose damage relative to a Fighter sub, so it really is just a matter of whether you want to take less resource management in exchange for less damage dealt.

Well, I currently have a Lightning Espada enhanced to Level 35 that I can use. Since most of the enemies I end up fighting are weak to Light, it heals me with every attack. And based on what the Summoner has for it's skill tree, it basically has the same effect as the HP Restorate skill ring available for it (which in my opinion heals WAY too slow compared to the Lightning Espada.) So from what it seems like to me, unless using Shifta as a Hunter/Techter allows me to do more damage than a Hunter/Fighter, there's no point in me playing anything other than a Hunter/Fighter.

@Tec-9-IceFox Right now, nothing is going to allow you to do more damage as Hunter than a Fighter sub. For reference, even taking into account Shifta, this is how Summoner and Techter as subs match up to Fighter as a sub:

alt text

Remember, Shifta only increases your base MEL-Pwr, so at lvl 80/80 with a lv17 Shifta, you are only getting at most like a couple hundred MEL-Pwr, which is no where near enough to make up for the multiplier deficit.

Ok. So I guess I'll stick with the Hunter/Fighter that I've got. Saves me from going through the agony of having to figure out how the other classes work anyway. Thanks.

Note for Shifta you can use Sigma Gyler as its a built in PA.

@Vashzaron Considering I don't know what PA you're talking about and that the only weapon I have ever used is a sword, I'll stick with what I've got. Thanks anyway.

Its Shifta, Sigma weapons have all their PA slots pre built with a specific PA or Tech I should say in this case.

And its not for in combat purpose, just something to use to get Shifta instead of the worse item version.

So If I'm understanding you right, the Sigma weapons let you use Techniques even if you're not a Force or Techter?

For their built in specific Tech or PA. Another example I know right off the top of my head is the Gunblade has Megiverse on it.

@Vashzaron Those two are really the only ones that have wide application; all the other Melee and Ranged Sigmas have PAs, and the Rod, Talis, and Jet Boots have Attack Techs. The Wand does let you use Zanverse, but that has limited application since the Zanverse will dissipate the second you switch to another Weapon.

The Gunblade is a fun one since it can easily restore you to full HP with a tap of Megiverse and a couple of ranged normals.

Ok. I've played for over 350 hours and never knew that the Sigma weapons could do anything like that. Would've been really nice to have known that a long time ago. Thanks.