Poll: Would you like to have character height restrictions restored?

Can I be taller? If it's only so people can play their loli waifus then no. Has to go both ways, I want my Amazonian Newman.

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Can I be taller? If it's only so people can play their loli waifus then no. Has to go both ways, I want my Amazonian Newman.

Maximum height restriction has been removed and you can set the slider to maximum without any problems. We are now fighting for the removal of the minimum height restriction.

So I'm already at max height? Darn.

Unless this happened recently, in which case I'll be heading to the salon as soon as I get home.

The reason why PSO-1, WoW, FFXI, FFXIV, TERA etc had weight/height restriction its to make feel "Unique" the player and keep a own "identity" as game.

On PSO-2 you log in on the looby all the characters look the same "Humans". You dont even know who is a newman, deuman and nobody play "Casts".

Most of the "Cast" look like racasts not like HUCAST/HUCASEALS.

PSO-2 characters feel generic and repetitive. None of them feel truly unique. When you played PSO and went HUCAST tha felt special the stats, the animations, the way the character look

Welcome a change to make the RACES be unique like PSO-1, WoW or F F14. Having a real identity.

The sameness you see isn't a lack of diverse options.

It's that everyone wants to make their anime waifu, and surprise, those all look pretty similar. For CASTs, it's the same thing- people want their robot waifus, or Gundams, without much in between.

If you think PSO1 had some sort of wild diversity compared to PSO2, you and I were playing very different games.


https://youtu.be/9eSACJ9dAzg So another video popped up on the matter, this time by MMOByte. Though it focuses more on the cutscenes, it does mention height a bit.

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@Valinda I mean, that would mean we would be too small to see. Who knows, maybe we can go chest burster on someone.

I laughed way too hard at this..

@Furious I'm not sure when it happened, but the general consensus is that it was only capped due to complications from capping the min height. Meaning it was a bug that got fixed.

I just wish I wasn't like 6' with some of these outfits. I can't say I give a shit about being like 2inchs shorter lmao.

I quite honestly don't care. Characters as is could be pretty darn short already. I don't see much purpose in people (in general) creating a big hullabaloo about the ability to make characters half a foot shorter. The variance we have now is plenty good, in my opinion.

That being said. If they do eventually re-implement it then cool, I suppose.

The results are in! It seems there are enough people to warrant this for consideration. 🙂


resultsss.jpg @GM-Deynger

Hey there could you forward these results to the higher ups and lock this thread? Thank you! 😄

@Daijobu-chan , what's done is done but might I recommend that future polls not being very black and white? I personally feel thats been the main issue with a lot of these threads concerning the game's censorship... if you are unhappy with the game's censorship you are anti-censorship while at the same time simply accepting things as they are makes you very pro-censorship.

I genuinely feel that there's many players, myself included, who are aware of the game's censorship and wouldn't mind if the game's height restrictions and removed bath scenes were added in but at the same time aren't making a big fuzz about it.

A better poll would be more along the lines perhaps of (just some suggestions) "Would you be bothered if the game's censorship was undone?".

Such a poll would be more inclusive and would have allowed more data as you would have participants who aren't as vocal about the game's censorship but wouldn't mind if it were restored. That's not to say the current results are not right but like I said previously, threads concerning these topics are starting to become very 'black and white' if you know what I mean...

didnt we get like 1 million players and this guy is boasting about 154 votes is worth a consideration?

People a truly desperate to play dress up with a child avatar i wonder why 🙂

To be fair, even the total amount of every forum posting person would dwarf the total playerbase.