Ship2: Oath recruiting

Oath is recruiting new and veteran players

Xbox launch is super sad but we are sending our elite team to gather new players and focus on growth we will be welcoming any level of play

Oath is a guild based on values but at the same time we are gamers looking to enjoy the day. Any bigotry won't be tolerated but we ask you know how to have a good time.

Plans on future giveaways and guild events on the horizon.

The guild tree will focus on exp boosts till we have a good portion ready for the next step.

No idea what to play ask people no Idea how to play ask people

Oath will mainly focus on PC players but all are welcome and we encourage you to join chat and mingle.

Do you make art or want to be helpful join today. (seriously need art for discord image paid in headpats)

Oath, we started with nothing...and still have most of it

Do you know what you are doing cause we sure don't join Oath today!

@Redxpanda But do you provide safety training?

Yes of course safety training for all new and old arks because its dangerous to go alone.

OK, I was leaning towards BrojoEZClap, but Oath sounds like a good fit for me!

In the end if you want to have fun and play games we will be a good fit for you. Can't wait to see you in game. feel free to come chat in the guild discord we will be on when game goes live.

what, you don't like phones?

Launch is upon us as we get ready I extend a hand to all join us in Oath come for the community come for the fun.

@Redxpanda Discord is expired, but I'd like to join. applogize heres an updated link

We still are actively recruiting any new arks that are interested in a Discord/PC based playstyle all new and veterans are welcome we have are able to provide helpful information for lost and confused players we may not be the biggest Alliance out there but our group is ready to fight the waves see you there.

Oath is looking for more players to help with a gambling intervention for @Redxpanda

I don't have a problem tell akuma to stop stealing all my CC ;w;

Oath is seeking MOUTH SPEAKERS for discord xbox/pc gamers LGBTQI friendly but know how to take a joke my dude if not let us know where you are at when it comes to having a good time. Come play have fun chat.

We farm more than Old McDonald....Oath is recruiting

Accepting Casual+ come chat come make friends come socialize enjoy the game with us lets work hard and have fun together.

Bumpity bump, fun and active allience. Always looking for new faces :3. Tons of experience and knowledge to share.