So uhh where's 「Solo Training: Bounds of Corruption」

I made a post of this before when EP4 had first released since they put the rings in francas cafe without the stage to complete them (Yes I know big brain plays). Here we are I think Part 2 if not Part 3 and they finally included it! Yes... they included the title for completing it... just not the stage to obtain said title??? 1.PNG pso20200807_224902_000.png

So like what is going on here lol? Before anyone says "Maybe you gotta complete the entire story" Yes I have beaten the entire story even killed phaleg (Hunter/Fighter class) and still nothing.

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Wrong picture

Phanatical Phantoms (独極訓練:狂想と幻創 ) is actually the third Solo Extreme Quest that came out in Episode 5 (along with a 4-Player version, Terran Phantoms).

The Valor Ring [Class] Materials are from Bounds of Corruption (独極訓練:世壊の境界 ), the second Solo Extreme Quest which originally came out before both the Mother and Deus UQs.

Basically, between that one still being missing, and Augment Transfer being implemented before being able to add Skill Rings to 12* Units, there is just a whole bunch of odd decisions going on in terms of their implementation.

@AndrlCh Whoops forgot all about that even though I had the correct name in my previous post smh lol Yeah I don't understand it at all

Hrm. I'll bring this up to the team. Thank you!

@GM-Deynger Thanks I appreciate that.