Unit stat clarification -

It would be nice if gear actually showed us what was increased based on their descriptions. The attached pictures as an example, this "increases Lightning Resistance, Max HP, and all types of defense" but where is this reflected? How much HP? How much lightning resistance? It's difficult to make informed choices when comparing gear when you have to rely on third party websites to see what the item actually does.



For the individual units, the only thing missing is a field for HP and PP (it could probably be fit either next to the DEF stats or/and in the Additional Stats area), but as for the rest of it, it is all on display.

In this particular case, the Lightning Resistance is only present when you have a full set, rather than on the individual Units, and you can check the Set Effects when the item is in your Inventory. If it were on the individual Unit, you would see it reflected next to the Lightning Resistance icon in the Stats area.

Just double checked, it should have Lightning Resistance even on the individual Units, and it should be reflected next to the Lightning Resistance icon in the Stats area; the fact that it is not, is odd, since that is what that row of icons is there for.

I agree, they should add this info to that page. Also, it would be nice if it could show base stats, without grind or augments, on a weapon/unit within parentheses next to the final stats.

Ok, re-editing this whole thing because I found something very odd. Your unit has 0 on all the element percentages under the stats row. But I checked that unit on my own character and it has a +8% to lightning resistance. Anything else comes from augments. Here's a pic of that part you are showing but with x0 augments.

alt text

Going to the Armor section of your menu, you will see the actual changes the unit will make to your character stats including HP and any resistances. The flavor text seems misleading but it does buff HP and all defenses equally, which is why I assume it adds the "all defenses" text. And maybe something on your unit is bugged. Not sure. It SHOULD have at least 8% lightning resist.

Ha, funny that I should happen to choose a random piece of gear that is bugged/even worse than what it implies. I was just using that as an example piece to get my point across!

They should at least add in the HP, PP, and Timed Ability Stats. The Circuray Unit's innate stats adds 50 HP and 9 PP though the Unit itself only shows the 50 HP and 4 PP from augments, therefore the character stats preview shows +100 HP and +13 PP. I don't understand why the Unit shows +55 but only adds 40 to TEC Pwr, page 2 of the Unit shows 40 TEC Pwr. The ARKS Visiphone wiki says it's innate stats adds 25 MEL/RNG/TEC Pwr, so that plus the 15 from Mastery III, it does equal 40. So I guess the +55 is a glitch. Mock-up of the suggestion presented below. The base value (as in the stat without grind level, or augments, though still keep the innate stats as those are always there) of a Unit or Weapon would be displayed in parentheses, which allows more easily comparing weapons/units. Add the missing HP and PP stats to the 2nd page, they could come up with an icon for them. Also add he base stats here as well, base defense stats for Units, and base attack stats for Weapons. On the 3rd page combine the innate stats the the affix stats for HP and PP. Then add the stats for Timed Abilities only in it's description, since it doesn't always apply, of course replace the x in "RDR +x%" from the mock-up with the actual percentage of boost that it applies. If it's possible have the stats shown in the Unit's "Stat Boosts" section change on the fly to reflect the Timed Ability boosts if you are in an applicable area.


A Mock-Up Suggestion: pso20200905_220030_039-3.png