RMT and Artist; Is it against the rules?

This is grey area topic, as companies/games have various stances and views on this. Obviously as a community, we don't scammers in the game ruining things for players, or those who create art. As an artist; I remember when I would play Maplestory back in the day, draw people characters in a chibi art style for gold or NX Items.

But now that we're in a different era, and the global release operates entirely differently. Is exchanging art services for Meseta, AC Items against the ToS?, And does it fall under RMT.

I would assume that would still fall under RMTing.

I don't know Sega's personal stance on it, but I assume they would treat any deal outside of ingame items for ingame items as RMT much like FFXIV.

I dunno how an artist can live off in-game currency or cosmetics in a video game, though if it were up to me, just commission your art for money like any artist would.

@Jay6x I mean we can't, but if its something I can spend less than an hour or two on. Its a win, as it doesnt take space in my actual commission queue. Now if we're getting into more of an Player: I want this doing this, holding this, with this type of background.

Yea thats an RL Commission which will require payment

AC items and meseta isn't real money.

@BFGesus-0 said in RMT and Artist; Is it against the rules?:

AC items and meseta isn't real money.

Yes this is true, but it's an exchange for real world item. Which can still be viewed as RMT

It's not a real-world item. Its only use is for in this game. It's a virtual item and it doesn't give any player an advantage.

@Empress-Slime Is it this kind of scenario?

Example: "Hey, can you draw me up some art of my character? I'll give you a Pole Dance Emote in exchange?"

There isn't even money being exchanged in this scenario. An AC item itself (and Meseta, etc.) does not have a RL monetary value, and the client is only trading for a commission that you yourself accepted would not have a RL monetary value either. I can't really say this would fall under RMT if "Money" isn't even being exchanged.

The entire point of Anti-RMT rules is to prevent the trade of in-game assets since and between other reasons, we do not own any of the assets our account contains, and this includes pay2play games such as FFXIV.

Do remember that the way MMORPG accounts work is more akin to a rental/licensing than it is any sort of ownership, and said license can be revoked at any time and for absolutely any reason, at the complete discretion of the issuer.

Basically, you do not really own any of the meseta, items or even characters contained within the account, the only thing you "own" and only as long as the publisher wills it so, is the license to access the game and services, and since you do not own any of the assets within the game, you are not allowed them to trade them outside the game for any sort of monetary compensation or otherwise.

Also because if you could trade for goods instead of money, it would be extremely easy for meseta wholesalers to avoid RMT rules by claiming to "give meseta in exchange for a picture of your garden", and make the money exchange an "unrelated Donation"

Could always do it for xbox gift card. Which can be used to redeem AC? I don't think it's that bad to obtain a service / product for something paid, art is just another form of cosmetic.

Just my opinion, I'm not really a pro on the topic.

The broad definition of RMT is an exchange of real world value with in-game value.

Currency is something of value, and the simpliest form of RMT would be to exchange real world money for in-game money. However, anything in the real world that has value, can be argued to have an equivalent monetary price, making it an RMT action.

That said, there exists grey areas where most players and maybe even the management of the game would turn a blind eye when that trade doesn't bring any in-game advantage. And doing art commissions may possibly fall into that category.

Still, you probably don't want to publicize your services in-game as it is easy to attract animosity, possibly even from immature teens who need a superiority rush and report you just because it's "weeb". There are jerks all around the world, and they certainly exist in-game and on this forum.

If someone wanted to be especially technical about it, they could probably construe something like that as RMT. But you'd probably be fine if you just had a status or lookbook message that told people to visit your patreon or something, where you either negotiated IRL money for art (completely normal and nothing to do with PSO2, which you could then turn to AC->PSO2 items) or PSO2 items for art (which is greyer, but I still wouldn't personally see an issue with even if GMs might).

@kztm said in RMT and Artist; Is it against the rules?:

when that trade doesn't bring any in-game advantage. And doing art commissions may possibly fall into that

But the trade would bring an in-game advantage.

Meseta is the number one resource when high-end affixing, and as the game catches up to EP-6, affixing is going to be what separates the chaff from the wheat, as the performance difference is brutal.

Not only does high end affixing pretty much raise your weapon one tier above the current stat-wise, but very expensive and high-end S skills and specific affixes such as Phrase Decay can overdrive your gear into ridiculous amounts of superior performance as they offer percentage boosts, which pile up quickly.

I cannot stress enough how much more powerful a fully affixed weapon+units character is vs an average player, and the only difference between the two is the hundreds of millions of Meseta required for it.

So yes, trading ANYTHING outside the game for Meseta is still RMT and against the rules.

With that being said, i am not personally and morally against it as this is a cooperative game so i absolutely do not care one bit if the OP gets better gear than me due to her trade/art skills.

They do not harm me in any way by having better gear and if anything, they will probably make my run smoother and easier if they happen to be in my party.

But yeah, Meseta and expensive items are what makes endgame players in this game.

@IfrianMMO You're right. I was basing my thoughts on the impression (don't know where I got it from) that it was just quick jobs that wouldn't cost a lot. If it went by actual RMT rates, then indeed it would be an advantage.

@IfrianMMO Okay... then if what you're saying is true, then this goes back to my original point. It's better off just doing art commissions for real money to avoid this legal grey area; even if it's something simple for $5-10. You can use that money however you'd like, for maybe AC or something.