Cleaning up "Clifard" and other translation goofs

Note: This isn't about censorship so don't drag up the raven/slave hubbub or whatever else in here. This is just about bad translations, not translations that were intentionally changed from the original.

With the recent patch, Zig has options to upgrade "Clifard" units, which apparently drop from the new Deus UQ. I thought the name seemed a bit random so I checked and in JP they're called クリファド (kurifado) so okay, I see how you can get that from that if there's no other info to pull from. But the fan translation uses this as "qliphad", which makes a whole lot more sense, because the boss sprouts from a gigantic holy tree, and from my JRPG-based understanding the qliphoth are the impure opposites of the sephirot in the tree of life, so referencing the qliphoth when the boss is a giant evil holy tree makes total sense and is pretty cool flavor-wise and seems like the clear intention of the name.

There's a decent amount of other translation issues/inconsistencies too I've seen, like:

  • io's party maneuvers II missing half its text (even after a campaign that specifically told people to go and pick it up)
  • the campaign notice calling the scratch "persona prince" instead of "persona paradox" even though "persona paradox" was plastered right on its image
  • the removal of all the camo flavor text to just say "it changes the look of a sword"
  • the "swing light 1/2" emote tickets giving an emote named "rave 1/2" instead
  • in the star keeper scratch there are outfits that call the school "celestia elementary" and socks that called it "tensei academy" even though there's only one school in the story (tensei in JP, celestia in Global)

I don't know if this is just because of the amount of content that has to be churned through or what that causes internal translation disagreement like this, but if this game is printing more money than expected like I hear it apparently is, it seems like a little more could go into QCing the localization of it. For the Clifard units at least (and probably others), this could probably be helped by just looking at the fan translation when things aren't obvious (not to just plagiarize from, but to at least realize "oh, something's going on here"). I'm not saying that the units have to be named Qliphad to make me happy, but it would be nice to have some attempt to keep the religious theme going with them rather than just going with a literal katakana translation and shrugging when the result makes no sense. It'd be nice if the other translation issues could get ironed out a bit over time too.

The austere->ofze unit change is a bit weird too, but aside from ofze units sounding weird I don't know that austere is really the original intent with those units either (dunno how it relates to PD) so I'm not worrying about it now.

Thank you for bringing this up! I'll pass this along to the team.

Don't forget the crafting furniture having the generic furniture description. That one actually impacts gameplay.

Speaking of descriptions, are weapon potential descriptions mechanically limited to three lines of text? None of the gear I can find in storage has an augment or potential description over three lines long, and Nemesis/Raven potentials completely fill out all three lines but fail to mention the PP effects when the shield is up.

The consistency issues probably result from the localization company not using a proper localization tool. Inconsistencies like those mentioned can be easily detected using automatic tools (some even free, such as older versions of Xbench) and any translation professional would have knowledge of it.

But if the project management takes a primitive and manual approach to managing a project of this scale, then we haven't seen the last of these errors. They will continue to pop up, for the next 10 years of new content.

In the end it's all about money. How much you spend on localization directly impacts how good your translations are. It's an obvious concept that still escapes many multi-million dollar business operations to this day.

Translators are just not respected in most countries. Translators in the gaming industry even more so.

I'm a translator working in software localization myself, who basically turn down all gaming related jobs because they pay pitiful rates while expecting fast turnaround on content that require a high degree of creativity. It's both amusing and sad to see all these familiar errors popping up in the game.

I agree that these issues should be fixed.