Reset Skill Trees

For any reason that we may have messed up our skills tress during the CBT will we have a free opportunity to reset those skill tress or will we have to purchase a skill line ?

They hand them out like candy in the JP version. We'll get plenty down the road.

@GamerKillance said in Reset Skill Trees:

They hand them out like candy in the JP version. We'll get plenty down the road.

They only hand out the passes when there are class changes. Seeing as we will be getting up to date content and all the classes with JP current patch. It will be a while before NA will see reset tickets unless they add them to the AC shop. They could also do a single Scion release based on a roadmap and hand out reset passes when the Scion classes come out.

I totally agree that they are not going to hand out the "all skill tree reset pass" as often as they have done on JP server. Most of the past class changes happened on JP seem to have already included here. So speaking of the future change in JP, they seem to be planning some change for Braver Katana in the near future (probably with 3/25 update). If they'll import this change to NA too, maybe they can issue the reset pass at that time 😄

And besides the reset pass, quite a few people may remember that in the CBT, some of the descriptions of class skills were very hard to read due to text formatting problems. I hope they would hand out a pass to compensate for that issue. After all, we weren't told correct class info, were we? 😁

It is not uncommon for RPGs to hand out a launch respec pass of some kind. (i.e. if you play the first week/month you get a free respec)

Would be nice - I'm sure we'll get plenty.