Solo PFD Strategy - what's yours?

So, basically i did this the first time a few minutes ago, since i'm someone using ray weapons+35 and +10 units, wishing to upgrade them. basically, i went in there expecting this to be a good challenge with equipment at hand that's supposed to be upgraded doing this, what i didn't expect is to actually time out and have somewhat of a hard time.

i went on my SU/FI with my maxed out 13* Wanda, since i didn't know what to expect.

i was hoping for a way to farm the union boosters, whenever possible if the UQ was up and i'm actually sitting at my computer, but this turned out a bit tougher then expected and in the end i didn't feel like it was worth the trouble and simply just wait for better unit drops and keep on farming slave/nemesis weapons.

i still would like to challenge myself and try to win this a few times, just for the fun of it, but is there an actual strategy to this other then breaking parts quickly?

With Br/Hu, I simply just don't die; was easy. Tree attack buff + Shifta drink. Counter when needed, Cherry Blossom Finale (crafted), Katana Combat when necessary. Finished under 12min. Weapon I used was Yamigarasu+35 with its base augments; not a great weapon, but it did the job. My units aren't too noteworthy, though they are 11star, and give a decent enough buff to defense. Brave Power ring, and Perfectionist+20 ring equipped.

With Fo/Te, I had more difficulty when I was using units that provide little-to-no health benefits. Tree attack buff + Guts drink. Used a lot of Grants and Ilgrants. Dodging when necessary. I can't say there's really an easy way to just say "survive" while still dishing out decent enough dps. I still ended up using a halfdoll here. My run was still faster than my Br/Hu run though. Finished in under 11min. Weapon I used was Nemesis Sage+35 with +110 TEC Pwr +35HP +10PP. Units also provided an additional +95 TEC Pwr and +10PP each. Defensive Techniques ring and Perfectionist (Technique)+20 ring equipped.

I cleared in ~9 min on my Fo/Te just spamming ilgrants on my first attempt. Only thing you really need to watch out for is the command grab as if you're a squishy class that will one shot you.

And it's 100% worth doing and getting S-rank at least once for the 200SG.

watch out for the cars on the first phase since too many of them at once can end runs fast or leave you in a really bad position thanks to the panic debuff mixing up your movement controls. Other than that just don't get grabbed and easy win I would say as long as you can deal the damage.

I keep seeing this PFD popping around some threads. Is there another quest for it or is this the hardcore story mode one?

@ZorokiHanuke It's a new solo variant of the Dark Falz Gemini and Profound Darkness battle that is occurring during the Barron Blossom emergency period.

with RA/HU, impact slider all day

@Jay6x I see. Gotta find and try this. Thanks.

Is Impact Slider really that good? I keep hearing it mentioned, how do you all use it "properly"?

@Hatsodoom Roll cancel it backwards before the kick, then repeat. It's really effective single target DPS. Most stuff higher either is finicky in use or has like half the PP efficiency.

BoHu with level 8 tree Attack buff, the largest Shifta drink effect and a couple procs of Iron Will when I slipped up with the constant weapon action dancing. Cleared it in just over 11 minutes which was still an S.

Was kind of expecting it to be more like the Apprentice Zia fight from the story, so it had quite a bit less health than I was expecting.

@Miraglyth So you just bounced to the top? Sorry, I had to make that reference. Yeah, I almost got to the end of the Gemini portion, but those damn cars got me on the last leg, pun not intended.

Br/Hu, the first time I did it I died to Gemini's spinning house, scape dolled, and then died to an arm slam in PD. I retried it after (you can retry if you die as long as it's in the UQ timer) and cleared with an A, 14+ minutes. Very close though, used all my mates and had to pause while dead to make sure katana combat was up when I revived for the finale.

It turned out I had 23 hunter skill points unspent though, so I filled my hunter tree out + took my alliance tree's 20% ATK buff. Second clear, I did it in 10:27 for S, using the same raven+35 katana (not specially affixed, just +50 melee from appraisal) and ray+10 units (with unchanged shop affixes). Admittedly though, I'd also added a few iron will points, which ended up proccing at 40% chance or so, so it was definitely a lucky win.

I just facetank the damage. I have 2200+ hp with guts as bo/su. Probably higher with my 2 union units now. I do have enough damage to break parts before it pulls away. I also use the mag ring. Iirc, my dex mag throws like 10k foies, which is convenient against persona who spams aoe stuns and hits for like 700-1k with sword, which I prefer not to get hit by.

Bo/Hu here.

Those who got weapons from the 4th of July event... REJOICE! Their second potential is a permanent NEM shield (40% dmg reduction) 😄 and a 20% potency for that mission.

Bo has enough invincibility frames that can easily pass through everything. On the 2nd part, I usually go ham with Strike Gust T-0 and periodic castings of megiverse when I need, zanversinging when possible.