Make Alliance buffs last until logout.

It sucks when you run out of the buff mid-mission especially if you play long periods during the day and forget to get it again later on. Huge DPS decrease, and would rather just use it once at login and forget about it, too grindy to keep returning to alliance quarters and use it every 2 hours.

Pretty much all MMOs use a similar system, but other MMOs keep it running even after logout, because the buff on the other MMOs is done server-side for the whole guild/whatever, not character-side.

FFXIV's example:

They dont do that probably because they don't want to get rid of the whole watering system. (When the buff is on your character = draining of tree water, for every alliance member)

@Vashzaron Ok, I had no idea about the draining thing. Should probably be watering that more.

IMO they should just scrap the whole watering thing. Just tedious grabbing the buff over and over.

The system is meant to drain alliance points - watering the tree uses the shared alliance points of the whole alliance

On JP, the water is drained at a rate of 4 points / 5 mins iirc, and lasting 2hrs for a total of 96 points