Most populated social ship?

As the title states which is most social and populated?

2 seems to be the most populated.

Unsure which one is the most "social" because not everyone enjoys socialising the same way, but generally all 3 main ships have at least some degree of social activity on blocks 1-3.

As for my opinion on the most chill and laid back, easily ship 3.

Ship 4 is still relatively new, so it likely hasn't had time to develop a thriving community just yet.

Ship 4 is full of JP veterans, many of them speedrunners.

Ship4 came out exactly with the evolution of the game from NA to Global, so everyone who already knew PSO2 preferred to go to Ship4, myself included (even if I stopped playing for reasons I can't talk about otherwise it looks like spam) .

Ship1 is probably populated by Xbox users, but that's just my guess, so writing from a console isn't very easy, I guess they are less social there for that reason.

Ship2 is a mix of new and old veteran users. Certainly the most populated in general. It might be the best, but it might not be.

I honestly don't know much about Ship3.

Between playing on ship 1 and ship 4, I found more people sociable on ship 4. It's not quite as populated though as ship 2. Quite a few new players were just starting out from when the Steam version launched started on Ship 4. Ship 1 is still my main ship, mainly because it's where a few friends started when they played on xbox.

Ship 2 person here and considered a Veteran by the community due to my time in the Japanese version. Reason I went Ship 2 in Global is consistency with the Japanese ship 2 that I always remember where my characters are as for the social status on the ship I usually have some little conversations but otherwise B1 and B7 are where the social people are.

I play on Ship 1 because I donno why. When the server doesn't dump me on a desolate block, I end up in a lobby with several players.

Usually there is a long UQ going on where the mission objective is to escape the white chat box attacks caused by Falzbots.

@Valinda You can't actually defeat falzbots, you can only send a report on them, and add them to your blacklist, which has a capacity of 200. Once it fills, you'll need to remove some in order to make room for more. It's an endless war with no end in sight.

Thanks for the replies! I’m currently on ship one and I don’t see too many people on other blocks chatting but I’m still fairly new so I haven’t made friend as of yet. I did get a few adds here and there from afking. I was thinking of switching to ship 2 possibly. I have a keyboard to type messages so I enjoy that. And yes there defiantly seems to be majority Xbox players .

Regardless of what ship you go to, I advise avoiding block 34. With b69 gone all of those guys made a new home at surprise surprise...b34.