Tokyo Gold Key Monster Take One Damage Glitch

I have been using a few Tokyo gold keys before they expired and I had run through a few before this one. This was my last one and once I had come across first Tagamazuchi that shows up for this event I used the normal move it’s weak against like I had been using through out the few keys I did before this and when I hit it, it only took 1 damage. I tried to respawn at the ship to reset it but once I came back it still took only 1 damage. I tryed several other attacks but it only yielded in single digit numbers. I ended up having to leave the quest because the monster bugged out and I could no longer defeat it. Has this happened to anyone else or is this a known thing that happens?

It's possible the server didn't realize you were in Tokyo Gold, thinking you were in Tokyo Platinum (Yes, that's a thing.) In Tokyo Platinum, there's a black version of the lightning wolf boss that takes 1 damage (no matter how good your stats are.) He takes about 1000 hits to kill. If you do get that issue again, I'd recommend having an all-class rifle so you can do hits quickly.

@coldreactive said in Tokyo Gold Key Monster Take One Damage Glitch:

He takes about 1000 hits to kill

What? no. There's no platinum key for one, and for 2, on that tagami (same with the others) you have to hit the orbs over its head before you can deal proper damage to it.

Also just another reminder, the tagami is EXTREMELY resistant to lightning damage.

i'm also convinced it's a glitch because on the xbox version i can deal somewhere between 100 to 200 points of damage per hit before the obs are broken and it doesn't take long to break them, but on the PC version doing the same bonus mission i do 1 point of damage per hit and it seems to take forever to destroy the orbs

edit: turns out my hunter gear just sucks and i am not finding better anytime soon..not for a lack of trying mind you