BO/TEC (Question for others with same setup OR main class techters)

Or whatever Techter abbreviation is lol.

EDIT: Forgot to mention but I use nothing but boots, I have a Wand equipped but its just for dodging enemy attacks that I find difficult to time with JB iframes.

Anyway, don't know if this combo is used all that often, but I still do have a question, could be a question for main class techters too though. I will state beforehand that I am not looking for pointers for better sub-classes, as I love my build (though needs a couple changes), thanks. 🙂

As for the question, is Panic Boost in the techter tree worth it? I am full elemental build. I see mobs and "bosses" like Persona the Masked getting the panic debuff quite quickly, but not sure if this is in fact thanks to Panic Boost, or if they are just easy to afflict with Panic.

Also, does Panic Boost work with normal attacks from boots charged with Light element? Or just techniques? Maybe also Elemental Burst?

First of all, if you are doing a combo of Bouncer and Techter, the best choice you can make is going Te/Bo and using an All-Class set of Jet Boots (Sigma Thullen is pretty much your only choice at the moment, until we get Weapon Extension or Blood Weapons).

There is no point of going with Te as a sub (except with Fo/Te) since you aren't taking advantage of Techter's Main-Class-Only Shifta and Deband Skills. It's a niche combo that is only limited by Weapon choice, but if played well, it is solid; in fact, there isn't even a loss in damage multipliers because Shifta Strike compensates for the loss of Bouncer's Weapon Boost (from Weapon Collection Titles).

As for the Panic Boost, Jet Boots do not inflict Status Effects based on their Element with normal Attacks or PAs, only with Elemental Burst and Techs. In general, specific Status Effect boosting skills aren't worth it because they are just boosting the rate by a relatively small percent for too high of an SP cost (example, if Panic has a 30% chance, then 10 points in to Panic Boost will make it 33%).

I have an extra techter tree set for ultimates as te/fi with panic boost maxed out. I use Idesigure gunblade to double the panic rate on Nagrants, and stack with Panic Boost, then use chaser bind from /fi to panic and bind everything to make things easier for my team. You can also use this build in tower defense UQs to keep mobs off towers and buy your team some time. If you can afford a 2nd skill tree, it can be worth it for niche uses, but you need an Idesigure +30 if you want to use statuses seriously.

Thanks for answers! 🙂 EDIT: If you read this post you will likely notice that I really just love Bouncer lawl. Jet Boots was love at first sight, threw away the Soaring Blades and been using nothing but Jet Boots for 300 hours now. With miniscule exceptions where I switch to wand to use techter dodge for boss skills I find difficult to time JB iframes to avoid, though I rarely do this now too lawl.


Might've missed it but: I will state beforehand that I am not looking for pointers for better sub-classes, as I love my build (though needs a couple changes), thanks. 🙂

While not directly stated, main class not being bouncer is a no go, so many skills get lost that make bouncer... well... bouncer (for me that is lul.)

  • Can't jump on enemies with Encore Jump (too useful on big enemies)

  • Lose normal attack and PA iframes from Jet Boots Escape ( big yikes)

  • Lose the increased focus gauge gain during shifta-deband from Jetboots Focus Boost (another big yikes)

All the above for a 10% damage increase, where I have to use Sigma right now anyway, losing damage in the process. So yea, far too much loss (mostly in the fun department lol). Am thankful for trying to help though. 🙂

@mafia-leblanc While I'm not interested in techter/fighter, BO/FI I am indeed wanting to test (but haven't yet due to laziness lol) because of the interesting interactions with status effects.

Its actually not that I really want status effects to trigger, or well I do, but its not really the main goal so to speak. Reason for Panic Boost is because... well, many bosses are weak to it, and so I figured it could be worth spending those 13 points to max that, but just wanted to hear opinions on whether the skill is worth it or not. 😛 Was even thinking it could be worth to max blind too as it appears a lot of bosses that are weak to light, are also weak to wind lol.

And since Surging Gale Auto-casts Zanverse as variation when using weapon action, its a pretty easy way of getting wind damage out, as you can easily cancel it as soon as Zanverse is cast by jumping lol.

Will look into getting another techter tree so I can have builds that includes panic boost and not. 🙂 EDIT: Likely gonna buy 4 or maybe even 5 skill tree expansions for techter actually now that I think about it lawl...

Thanks again! 🙂