PSO2 Fan North America Discord Community looking for players!

Hello! Pleased to play with everyone in here! Looking forward of making friends.

Join us for PSO2 NA Community!

Hello all,

Me and some people who are going to play on Ship 1 for CBT/Open Beta/Release have made a discord. This will be for people playing on Ship 1, Xbox and PC Players both welcome! We have some veterans here who have played PSO2 in JP as well as returning players from PSU/PSOv1. We will have announcements for upcoming events, news and Urgent Quests. We have set text channels for looking for a group to play the CBT and an Alliance Recruitment text channel as well!

Hope to see you there and have fun with CBT!!!


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We are currently finding Ship 1 - 6 players even roleplayers are also welcomed. They are also finding their home Ship currently. So I think this is a great opportunity to find some friends in North American community.

Thanks Winsock for the invitation, my partner and I are both joining Ship 1. Thanks for the Discord Invitation!

You're welcome! Everyone who is rolling on Ship 1 is welcome to join! I would like to make this into a booming Discord for topics of discussion that happen within Ship 1. Selling Items , looking for groups, Alliance Recruitment and such.

Can't wait to join you folks when Pc version comes out, sadly I dont wanna be limited on xbox with 60fps 60hz, sooo waiting to get my 1080ti fired up! Wondering if cross console is gonna be a thing microsoft enables for this game hmmm

@RainbowDash-699 Ye Crossplay and Cross-save have been confirmed. As for steam it'll work the same way Halo was handled when it made it over there. Just need a MS account. ^^

Well, that's good news! Any links you could forward in order not to bother you here haha :PP

Hi there, I might join you folks, pc gamer here so still waiting for it :PP Looking forward to play with ya! Quebec, Canada -o-

Ship 1 BOIS

@oNazri thanks I'll keep an eye on future updates for pc!!

ship1 yeaaaah hahah asap

@RainbowDash-699 said in Ship 1 Discord!:

@oNazri thanks I'll keep an eye on future updates for pc!!

Anytime best of wishes for good PC news! ^^