Ship Transfer Regret


I applied for a ship transfer last month and it finally kicked off today. However, I lost so much stuff in the transfer that I am having hardcore regret about it now and would like to know if transferring back to my previous ship would enable me to have back everything I lost. I had things you can't even find anymore in the game. I made sure to read the rules before transferring, but I didn't know I'd lose the songs in my jukebox or my scenery pass, which took a lot of time and effort to get. I'm okay with paying for the AC to move back if it means getting all my lost stuff back. Please tell me there's hope for me!


Everything in your personal quarters is ship-based.

Everything in Default Storage (and material/extended/SG storage) is ship-based.

Everything in your alliance is ship-based. (You actually leave it as well when transferring.)

You can easily confirm this by making another character on another ship. When you move your character back to the ship you came from, all of your ship-based content will be back to normal as it's tied to that ship, not your character.

@coldreactive Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate what you have told me 🙂