Receptors for units

Soul and Factor Receptors getting added to the Unique Weapon Badge Shop does help immensely, however it doesn't fully solve the problem, since PSO2es in Japan can give them in higher slots, and sometimes as just a random gather reward which only takes like 5 seconds, once per day, but it's RNG, though slightly common, and it also gives some gathering materials. I assume Factor Receptor on a weapon is also supposed to be a thing, and the Soul Receptor weapons we have are only in the Challenge Mile Exchange as a 5 Slot for 5000 CM. I'd like to suggest they add 6 and 8 Slot weapons and units with Soul and Factor Receptors, and/or decrease the price on all of them, or have them have a chance to drop while doing actual gathering to simulate the gathering in PSO2es. We're also still missing Gift Receptors, and Extreceptors.

Side Note: PSO2es also gives 1SG, 10,000 Meseta, 100,00 Exp Ticket, 300 FUN, 40-80 Excubes, and boosts a Collection File once per day, and Idola: Phantasy Star Saga can give 100SG per week (they did give it to us once), so I think they should send those as continuous login rewards via the Visiphone. Then add all the rest of the cosmetics from these games (we did get some) as a permanent exchange shop, with the badges always being available and free. Possibly even allow Mag feeding and Buying and Selling on the Personal Shops via a page on the website, to replace those features from PSO2es.

@Home-Rowed PSO2es quick search only give up to 3 slot soul receptor units or 4 slot soul receptor weapons, other higher slots you need to farm actual missions. Factor receptor from what I seen was from tower quest - which is not always active. Global have it alot easier on this part, just some badges and its 4slot both receptors.

I'm not sure where it comes from but recently Reverie receptor units made appearance, they all have snow or fang soul with them so I'm assuming some boss event in PSO2es. Reverie receptor weapons are more rare and many comes with soul receptor also.

Daily log in for PSO2es is now 1SG, 10000 meseta, 100000 exp ticket x 2, 400 FUN. 1 free daily quick search (and super bonus seraches every 15 regular searches) and collection file boost. Excube comes from PSO2 EXP link, they aren't free - the more exp you earn in PSO2, the more excube you get (Super PSO2 day exploded my PSO2es mail box and I got like 280+ excubes each as individual items and the mailbox caps at 300).

IDOLA although you can earn up to 100SG, but because you are capped at 10000 points per week, you only can earn 85 SG/90 SG alternating if you trade in all the points every week - and it ain't free, you actually have to play the mobile game, think its 300 points for log in per day, 50 points per regular battle, 100 points per IDOLA battle and you have to deal with stamina system.

@HarmlessSyan Sorry, I was mistaken on some parts, thank you for the correction. Though, I think they should still give equivalents of these things in some form. Like have higher slot receptors drop in our main game, and maybe tie Factor Receptors to UQs with a similar frequency as that tower quest in PSO2es. Track the Exp earned in our game and give the equivalent bonus amount of Excubes via the Visiphone every week, as well as all those daily items. And tie the 85-90 SG to doing something in our game, as well as its Exchange Shop, since they don't want to added the connection to the English Idola.

Indeed now i'm surprised.

I would say that the "missing" SG from es/Idola is covered with the constant free SG campaigns they do all the time, JP did not do this, or at least nowhere near as often. I get much more SG here on Global than I ever did on JP, because to get lots of SG from the mobile games on JP, you had to actually play them.

I'd say the receptor unit in the unique weapon badge shop is more than enough -- you only actually need receptors for doing godly affixes, they are pretty unnecessary otherwise, and were so expensive on JP once you got to 6s+ that it wasn't really worth it.

Unique Weapon Badges definitely need a better source though, I don't expected to be flooded with them, but rare enemies are basically non-existent after Episode 4, so getting them is pretty difficult. Thankfully the new Risk Realm quest gives them out, which is nice as it's a very good quest to farm.