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@SeriPSO2 Okay, it doesn't kill the purpose of soul/factor receptor, but the compound capsules allow you to skip using them if you wanted to. Example (well provided you have enough funds), why make astral soul with a darkness soul and 4 factor catalyst when you can just use add: ability astral soul? I think soul receptor and factor receptor should have sufficient time in the game before those compound capsules are released. You should be able to put these on the same unit well in advance before you can just get a add: ability for them. As someone who liked augmenting, not having soul/factor receptor units by now really worry me.

Let me ask this first, have you been or currently playing JP since TPD release? If so, that would answer why making Astral soul, or any other compound affixes is still relevant.

Compound capsules' were intended for min-maxing and endgame builds, which was why it was introduced recently in JP as the entire affix process on JP revolves around ability pass transfers for min-max super unit builds. While I consider those capsules a bit over the top because it makes more of a powercreep, it's not also something that's too big because of the potential stats of an endgame player on JP requires a lot attack to make it show a noticeable difference in dps as compared to EN since 30 attack is worth much more there than on JP.

So to say that compound affix capsules can make a player skip, which isn't technically true. It also wouldn't make much sense to give the EN playerbase access to powerful affixes when it's not receptors aren't here yet.

What if they never add them in game? We don't have (and won't have) pso2 es. They've added stuff from pso2 es already. Where are they going to put these units if at all?

EN never had es yet weaponoid series and weaponoid boosters available to for players very early. So there will be ways to insert the unit fodders else where, even as drop, exchange or whatever. There's numerous options PSOCrew can easily insert receptors into but like I mentioned before, current content doesn't warrant a need to have receptors atm when the current gears/ssa/affix/stats has surpassed what is needed to clear them efficiently.

Emphasizing what weapon upgrades: Almost none, which is the point. If you got a nemesis or slave you were set all the way until episode 5. Those weapons being available screwed up the balance. One had no reason to get much else. I'm trying to say they don't care about balance, and that example was to show it. They could have added in some comparable to items to nemesis and slave earlier (like they could have let invade drop from pd), or let Ares drop on the release of ultimate amdusia. They had the option to also add new NT items to the game (there are plenty of OT items that don't have a NT version).

They also gave us/allowed us to doom break III early. They didn't change laplace's augment drops to their "old" version to when he was originally around.

You have to understand that: One, EN is having contents flooded to them in batches. Two, the way the dev team has set up things that would prepare players for what's coming next and also, provide a safety net for their content so that it would also challenge them.

That is why there's no reason to release NT weapons when people aren't going to even use them and it would be wasted effort to start with because the team has both EN and JP to work on. As to why Nem/Slave were available early on may have been due to providing players a means to run UQ (ultimate quests), and using Nem/Slave as the current endgame weapon grind until Austere/Atlas becomes a thing. The reason you didn't see Invade was that it is a PD-only drop, and it wouldn't make any sense to have it available until the EQ actually went live. Ares is a 14* weapon, and it wouldn't make sense to add a 14* early if we're talking about the beginning of PC release, especially when Ares have SSA SAF and all.

The PSOCrew has foresight in how they expect the players will progress throughout the game until the next episode which they learned from how JP had progress, but now it's just at a very fast pace and QoL fixes. EN has 2~4 years of contents being squeezed into a time frame of approximately 2-3 months per episode. So that at least should make you see why certain things may have been set up the way they are and also feel lacking. Their roadmap and what has been released aren't perfect but it does work very well.

Only thing so far they've released that left me to question were Ability Transfer Passes which was far too early for EN to work with and on top of the fact that it was intended for (EP 6) end game progression. But you could say that ability passes were marketing driven as it gave people who knows how to use it a reason to spend real money and use noble/elegant/grace capsules to get more stats.

EN is still quite early and there's no need to actually panic because you haven't seen soul/factor receptors yet because like mentioned again, you don't really have an actual need to utilize them yet, because your stat exceeds the lowest denominator stat to clear contents in an exceptional time.


I haven't played pso2 jp in like 2 years. I just keep up to date on what they get. :'D Fair enough though.

To the es items. I personally don't think they will add these items as drops. A shop would be nice though. I just want them ingame.

They could have handled Nemesis and Slave weapons better. There are plenty of ways they could have handled them better without them making items for the next several months obsolete before being released.

Regarding Ares and Invade though. PD was available for awhile. Updated PD was also available for awhile. They just didn't have Invade in the drop table until episode 5 (and they could/should have). Ares dropping in ultimate Amdusia would have been fine. That quest wasn't released until 2 weeks after episode 4 dropped. They also released several items with SAF early (Mars, and a few others). Some 14 stars were on urgent quest drop tables at the time.

To how they set up the roadmap. I still think they could have done much better. I don't think they put a lot of thought into it. We have mostly gotten things in order. Some things too early, and some things later and or missing.

All in all, I like affixing/augmenting and you are right with not needing to utilize receptors. But as a player, I want to make my character better. The is no content that actually requires augmenting at all, but people still do it. I know augmenting doesn't have a massive effect on my character (it has a effect, but not as great as one might think). I may not "need" this for this content, but I'd still like to have it cause... fun.

Regardless I respect your opinion. I feel they should still be in game, and you don't and that's actually fine. We both have our opinions. It sucks that the nature of our version of the game we know everything that can come early (to my disappointment).

I do think yer a bit over-optimistic with the dev team though. When we get a update, they probably just "turn it on", since it's already be translated for awhile and created already.

Also note: I would give you a better response, but this forum is a killer. xD Took me a hour to type this with your response in another internet browser window. Sorry, I did my best. Have a nice day! 😄

@RikaPSO It's not as if no one is denying that receptors won't ever be in the game and that's thing that needs to be cleared. It will come but it won't be until later. It's not as if I don't want the receptors to come which I do, but I understand that if it does come, I won't have an issue with gears at all and will easy just set up for EP 6 finale which is doable. This is not something that only applies to me but many of those other players from JP who knows what to do and devs also know what player will do if receptors were a things.

As one, for these players their progression are stifled, literally having access to soul/factor/returner/grace/etc, is enough that one can set it on a ray unit and wait until end of EP5 (referring to EQ that comes with it) or when EP6 is here. This makes all of the units/gears in between these release moot.;

Two, players who set up endgame builds won't have much of goal other than making meseta, and if that's not something they're interested, people won't stay to play actively;

Three, it'll destroy the market and causing a worse inflation than what EN currently has across all ships. While you might ask how, it's because it took one month after PC's release for EN to have their inflation reflect a similar behavior with that of JP's ship 2 (which is notorious with how expensive things can be). EN's still way too early for players to have about as much as the average JP but due to how many people abuse alt accounts for meseta, whales who sell AC items, the duping issue that's plagued the game, and also RMT bots, with EN having actually no goldsink in place atm to act as a setback for players who do this. The one who actually suffer are the majority of players who aren't doing these things and in return have to deal with an inflated market that's destroyed/controlled by a very small percentage of players who were able to manipulate it. You'll be looking at 1m+ recycle badges, expensive AC costumes/apparel/items, inflated Noble/Elegant/Grace capsules, base compound affix values. These can easily be impacted very quickly if receptors were released this early, and it's not an exaggeration because it's easy to see the inflation trends on the EN market. Eventually it will happen, but it's better when the average player can accustomed to the growing prices but that is only a long term. If receptors were in right now, I can guarantee you that souls, factors, reveries will spike because of hoarding and that's a bigger issue in EN than on JP.

There's no actual way to handle Slave and Nem better, there's only two options which are as a drop (when it came out) or just exchange (which it's currently available). The devs could've released it later but then that would make UQs useless because rays were obtainable without UQs and the existence of Rays already renders any EP4 13* or lower useless. So either way, progression were just very linear.

SSA's were available but only for certain seasonal weapons but we did not have any capsule drop as they are an EP 5 thing nor were the entire s1~3 (s4 is special) widely available, on very specific weapon series had them and most were seasonal which are not in correlation to that of main content, in addition to how those weapons are useless despite having an ssa slot as Ray/Nem/Slave outdid it. You are correct that 14* came with PD's release but they were crest weapons, not 14* with ssa. It was only until EP5 where ssa actually became a system actually cemented ssa saf on weapon became a more common place.

The devs don't just turn it on because one, PSOCrew is a small team, so there's a limited manpower to even be utilized. SEGA's always been keen on using player statistics to determine how or what to release based on player records/performances for the current content updates to determine what's coming next. So it's not that I'm optimistic, a roadmap is always something they first make, then they tweak it as needed based off what EN has done and overall average of progression will meet end goal of that roadmap as expected. Hence why you see the overall large roadmap and while the content in each episode aren't revealed because it's undetermined. This explains how some EQ and contents have been released little by little.

These updates may feels as if it's just flipping a switch but that's not the case, especially when it's only one team working on it for both regions.

@SeriPSO2 most players in my experience do not affix thier gear or go out of thier way to obtain the best weapons. Like pre episode 5 raven and nemises where rare and hardly anyone had any of the 12 star unit. Most global players are just realy casual in my experience the added gear creep isn't helping because people just don't utilize it.

@Tasty-Human-bits Thats on the players..... not the game this game is extremely casual but it offers nothing to the players that actually put the time / effort into it.

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Bumping this. It is looking like NA is never getting these affixes though at this rate. There is no reason we shouldn't have access to these at this point in the game's life cycle except that either Sega had no plans to release the said affixes or just can't be bothered to do so. Very soon it won't even matter if these are available or not sadly.

I still agree that they should add in all the missing receptors.

Welp, with Luster coming, that probably means were getting add augment astral soul, add augment aether factor, and add augment mana reverie within the coming weeks making these receptors not very useful anymore. Time is pretty much been up in these augments usefulness, even if they added them now it wouldn't do much good. Could have been useful months ago when I first mentioned them (September). Really disappointing in principle. I guess Sega doesn't really care about balance like Seri said. I wonder what NGS will be missing when NGS NA comes out.

I am pretty sure SEGA regret adding those in the mission pass shop.

JP Mission Pass

  • Season 1 - 4 weeks
  • Season 2 - 4 weeks
  • Season 3 - 5 weeks
  • Season 4 - initially 6 weeks now extended to 9 weeks (current)
  • Season 5 - 6 weeks Feb 17 -> Mar 31

On JP, because daily ARKS missions are 2 stars each, you are basically in the overrun tier on the 2nd week - they are really limiting how many of these capsules going around.

It would be the SMART thing to make a entirely new mission pass badge going forward so that the badges we currently have can't be exchanged for these said items (which I don't see them doing). That would make many players unhappy myself included, but it is the correct thing to do.

The only reason I can see that we don't have these receptors are either A, they couldn't be bothered, or B our NA team passed by this topic "we don't play the game, what the heck is a receptor" and JP never got that input, though they'll react to trolling suggestions within that day, but not legitimate ones that benefit the game. A or B, both are disappointing. And yes I'm salty and extremely disappointed with Sega and the management of our version of the game(estsoft).

i can't believe we still don't have neither soul receptor or factor receptor. we can't even get guardian soul.

They added a 4 slot unit with soul and factor receptor to the unique badge shop today! (I'm glad we got this, REALLLLLLLY late though)

A unit that has two receptors together. This was surprised.