Receptors for units

With Deus Esca, Maker of New Epochs now out (via trigger) it now would be possible to make aether factor (since Deus factor should drop on weapons and units).

What is soul receptor and factor receptor? They are augments that allows for the normally not transferable astral soul and aether factors (and all the souls and factors).

Can something be added to obtain these or can they be added to a shop? (I'm talking about soul receptor and factor receptor) Without pso2 es, we have no way of obtaining these. Even with the SG scratch for augment stuff will probably eventually be added (and will have consumables to add these augments), that would still make these augments way rarer than they are supposed to be. Add them to the battle shop? Casino? The future buster quest shop? Maybe the Unique badge shop, since that has pso2 es stuff in it? Remember, UNITS.

I know the challenge mode shop has weapons with the soul receptor augment (weapons do need factor receptor source too though).

I'm not asking these to be common. I just want them ingame with a consistent source that is not limited to a very rare scratch.

Recently japan added the guardian soul augment (astral soul + aether factor + mana reverie + Absolute glare). Now we can't get mana reverie yet, nor absolute glare, but it's impossible to get a unit at the moment with both astral soul and aether factor on it to my understanding without the receptors). It would be pretty much impossible to get guardian soul without these augments being available.

Also, if players ever want to make a over the top endgame unit, these 2 receptors are extremely important. It is impossible to have both Astral Soul and Aether Factor on a unit at the moment (I'm not exaggerating, it's literally impossible).

Please consider this!

Com'on, lets get the GM's attention! :'D

tldr: give some way to acquire soul receptor and factor receptor augments.

Soul receptors are not only used for the best enchants. It can also be used to make the very simple Soul-333 enchant (Soul+Pwr3+Stamina3+Spirit3) a lot more accessible to the average player.

I also would really like a consistent source of receptors in the game.

I agree that they should add all these receptors and all other items from PSO2es, including emotes as well, into our version of the main game. Also add in the Idola Exchange shop. However, in my opinion they should be common, as they are extremely common in PSO2es. I think you can sometimes even get a few as login bonuses. The substitute features for PSO2es and Idola should be made to take a similar amount of time as the mobile games to obtain those items, which shouldn't be much. Also add in replacements for es Storage, OTP Storage, the 1 SG and 100 FUN per day from PSO2es, the 100 SG per week from Idola, the daily free Collection File boost and Gathering Search from PSO2es, the extra Creator's Emblem from PSO2es, and anything else these games were able to pass into the main game. Though it would be better if we got the mobile games here, but if not at least replace the missing features.

Failing that, I would implore SEGA to take into account the accessibility of non-US Global players to non-NGS platforms in the future, and avoid designing something with such a big impact to the game and locking it behind a platform only a portion of the players have access.

Idola, although not as impactful as receptors from PSO2es, for example, is not accessible in my country even though I can access PSO2 through Steam legit.

The English version of Idola has only done a temporary beta test, and isn't out yet. They also didn't have connectivity for it in the global version of PSO2. The third party company handling the English version of Idola has mentioned working with SEGA on adding the connectivity to PSO2 Global, but they don't plan to release Idola until November. Hopefully by then, they will allow your country to access it.

Sorry for necropost but we really need more people making noise about this as we're getting closer and closer to ep6

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@RikaPSO no problem 🙂 just wish they would give us confirmation

It would be nice to get some more receptors. For units.

I feel we're gonna only get the sg scratch regarding these augments on units sometime in episode 6

edit: nvm, add ability soul receptor and add ability factor receptor don't exist even on jp

Maybe they could add either units with the augments or add ability soul receptor and add ability factor receptor to the swap shop for like 10 + AC scratch items.

I also just learned apparently soul and factor receptors could drop on the same single unit on jp's pso2 es. So. that's another thing.

Edit2: im sure plenty of people are planning some super augment later on in the assumption that there will be a way to get these units, like jp has. You should take note of that @GM-Deynger . I'd personally be very upset if we never had a way to obtain these and jp devs never planned to (or.. forgot).

Going to quote my post from another thread:

EP5's only in its initial release. The story is only in its early chapters to to even get the EQ/contents such as: Perpetual Madness, DF Appregina, DF Loser, DF Persona, etc....EN hasn't even gotten Ex series yet.

As for receptors in general, it's kind of obvious as to why it wasn't out on initial EP4 nor EP5 was released or anything prior to that. The amount of stats an individual can get on the fly with how easily accessible all the affixes are now.

JP had es but have to take into consideration that despite having soul receptors, they didn't have the boosted rates loot drop nor were excube/affix farming feasible, so potential stats of the average player at the time were much lower than those of EN players now during EP5 since EN have elegant/grace capsules, 4s prots and ability transfer passes. The current EN player is easily overpowered for the current EP5 contents in terms of stats. If they just release receptors now, players can easily obtain compound affixes that give them high enough stats to faceroll everything more.

With affixing being more of an endgame focus activity and EN haven't even covered the entire EP5 story yet, it doesn't warrant a need to have the receptors out yet. Eventually, EN will get receptors but seeing as each content update having a specific focus on what players should be prepping for the next, it won't be until much later as right now Atlas is the focus.

If we don't get these though (the soul, and factor receptors), eventually add ability: astral soul, add ability: ether factor, and add ability: mana reverie will be added (yes, they exist), killing their use.

The optimist in me would like to believe you for balancing related things, but I don't find that to be the case -see not having weapon upgrades from pc release all the way till episode 5-

@RikaPSO said in Receptors for units:

If we don't get these though (the soul, and factor receptors), eventually add ability: astral soul, add ability: ether factor, and add ability: mana reverie will be added (yes, they exist), killing their use.

Referring to compound affix capsules which JP only just recently got, I also don't see a reason for EN to get this early. Again, the current contents of what EN has doesn't warrant such a huge powercreep from gears. Especially when you can see how easy it is for the current player to maximize their stat especially with those.

It's evident enough that even when EN players had access to more powerful weapons and units, they still had issues with most contents because they lean onto those gears too much rather than player skill. It's more detrimental than it is beneficial.

Also compound capsules does not kill the purpose of soul/factor receptor. I'm not sure how you got that.

The optimist in me would like to believe you for balancing related things, but I don't find that to be the case -see not having weapon upgrades from pc release all the way till episode 5-

I'd actually like you to emphasize what weapon upgrades you're referring to. Considering when it comes to Zieg and his weapon exchanges, Austere exchange wasn't given obviously because of the fact that it towers over the entire ep4/5 content and as well as ep 5 because EN will have NT-tier version which is on par with Ex (just slightly lower due to conditionals). Invade wasn't available until PD as it is a PD related drop to start with.

You do realize that Nemesis/Slave made the entire ep 1~4 weapons moot in exception very few EP 4 crest weapons only for specific class(s). Even the end-game weapon series, Qliphad for EP4 was render useless because Nemesis/Slave outperforms it. This was already a large powercreep EN has. This was how much of a powercreep Nemesis/Slave series had and also to top it off, ray units were able to contribute.

So it makes sense as to why certain weapons were available through specific means and also why Zieg's exchanges were so limited.

The average EN's player's stat right now are that of one who's starting off ep 6 because much of what EN players have access to are what didn't exist in EP4 or didn't come until the end of EP5 where QoL fixes happened and made certain things more accessible/abundant, also easier to obtain. Atm, EN's only in early phase of EP5, which the current gears people have access to would still be considered a powercreep because of other factors such as units and affixes.

@SeriPSO2 Okay, it doesn't kill the purpose of soul/factor receptor, but the compound capsules allow you to skip using them if you wanted to. Example (well provided you have enough funds), why make astral soul with a darkness soul and 4 factor catalyst when you can just use add: ability astral soul? I think soul receptor and factor receptor should have sufficient time in the game before those compound capsules are released. You should be able to put these on the same unit well in advance before you can just get a add: ability for them. As someone who liked augmenting, not having soul/factor receptor units by now really worry me. What if they never add them in game? We don't have (and won't have) pso2 es. They've added stuff from pso2 es already. Where are they going to put these units if at all?

Emphasizing what weapon upgrades: Almost none, which is the point. If you got a nemesis or slave you were set all the way until episode 5. Those weapons being available screwed up the balance. One had no reason to get much else. I'm trying to say they don't care about balance, and that example was to show it. They could have added in some comparable to items to nemesis and slave earlier (like they could have let invade drop from pd), or let Ares drop on the release of ultimate amdusia. They had the option to also add new NT items to the game (there are plenty of OT items that don't have a NT version). They could have also not added Nemesis/Slave weapons (though that creates problems on it's own, just a lazy solution).

They also gave us/allowed us to doom break III early. They didn't change laplace's augment drops to their "old" version to when he was originally around.