Question regarding Bouncer Skill "Switch strike"

So, I'm confused. I'm a beginner that started 5days ago. Im already lvl 60. I forgot to check my skill tree and my SP has been piling up. I didn't take any +stat increase skills coz i prefer the percentage type. Ratios are better than base dmg in late game.. then i saw this "SWITCH STRIKE" skill that says it makes jetboots deal Melee dmg rather than the default Tec dmg.

Now, my question is, when it says "Deal melee dmg", will it just convert all the dmg dealt to MELEE dmg, or will it MAKE THE DMG SCALING of jetboots rely on melee rather than Tec? If its the second Choice, then will the jetboots additional TEC dmg be wasted or will it also be converted to Melee dmg?

It uses your melee stat instead of tec, it still does the same type of damage if i'm not mistaken.

for what I know that skill works like Summoner skills, it changes the stat that counts to melee however the damage is still tech it is useful in the case you are not using a dex mag and instead is a melee mag

It works best if you’re using hunter sub, for 2 reasons, 1 you’re base melee stat is about 30 higher than your tech stat. 2 is soaring blades, the damage on soaring blades is based of melee, which means in order to get the most out of them you need to aug your units with melee. The switch strike ability allows you to get the same boost to your jet boots as well

@Ephemiel wait. If it uses the melee stats, isn't The tec stats wasted.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 so basically if i switch strike, myTEC power will be useless overall?

no your tech power won't be useless, switch strike only changes the stat that affects damage of the jet boots for melee instead of tech however that will only affect normal attacks and PAs, techs won't be affected and you still gonna need tech in order to use the element change of the Jet boots


Jetboots does melee damage regardless of if you have switch switch or not. That skill is only to change which stat it scales on.


Jet boots have both melee power and tech power on them. You hardly lose anything from getting it.

@Reilet oh! im enlightened. thanks ma bro

@Reilet btw. you said that it also gives melee pwr, but as far as i can see, there's no melee power included in the jet boots equipment

When you do normal attacks and pa’s with jet boots that is melee damage, and you do melee damage regardless of wether switch strike is on or not. If you go into your char info you will see two stats melee attack and tech attack. When switch strike is turned off the melee damage you do scales of your tech attack, when you turn it on the melee damage you do scales of you melee attack instead.